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Learning their home address is an important activity for preschool and kindergarten age kids.

Check out our fun activities to make learning an address quick and easy…even for young children!

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I have five different ideas to help kids learn their address plus a three page printable of fun address activities for kids.

How to teach kids their address

1 – Notice addresses around town

The first step is helping kids to understand what an address is. You can point out addresses on pieces of mail and explain it’s how the postman finds your house.

Also notice different addresses and street signs when you’re out walking in your neighborhoods.

This way they’ll have a frame of reference when they start learning their own address.

2 – Where do I live? Sing a song!

When we were ready to learn our own address we used a song! My daughter thought it was a little silly at first but soon she was singing along.

My 3 year old unintentionally learned our address as well just by listening to her sing it.

You can download a fillable copy of this below but here’s how it goes…to the tune of the nursery rhyme BINGO.

There was a girl,
her name was Jane,
and this is where she lived:

on My Home St
in Dallas

We only had to sing it a few times before she had it down and it has stuck in their heads. I check once in a while to make sure she’s still got it and sometimes they just randomly sing it when we’re driving around!

illustration of family in front of their home

3 – Look up your house on Google Maps

Another fun activity that my daughter loved was looking up our address on Google Maps. After we looked up our address on there she wanted to look up all her grandparents addresses too.

4 – Practice writing your address

Once they have their address down another good activity is to practice writing it, if your child is old enough for writing. You can use my worksheet, use lined paper, or use an envelope.

You could even have them address an envelope and mail it to someone else in the home so that they can see how it comes back.

address writing practice template

5 – Draw your house and label with your address

The last activity we did was to draw our house. Kids can include family members or pets if they want as well and then write their address somewhere on the picture.

If you live in an apartment kids can either add more doors to this picture or draw their own picture from scratch.

draw my address practice template

Teaching my kids their address ended up being much more fun than I imagined. If you have some great ideas for address activities please feel free to share them in the comments.

Download the three pages of printable templates that we used below.

I Know My Address Printables

The printable set is actually 4 pages as it includes an example version of the song as well as a fillable copy to easily make your own version. Just print them all on regular sized printer paper and you’re ready to go.

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of totschoolresources.com and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

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