Thanksgiving Activities

turkey with Thanksgiving kindergarten printables

Kids will love these free Thanksgiving printables. These fun printable activities can be used in a kindergarten classroom, at home during November, or to keep kids busy while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready! For kindergarten we have an I Spy, Connect the Dots, and a Maze. Check out our free preschool printables …

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turkey with Thanksgiving preschool printables

Printable Thanksgiving activities are the perfect way to keep preschoolers busy in November at home or in the classroom. You can even use them as kid activities on Thanksgiving Day! They may even learn something while they do them. For preschool we have Thanksgiving Tracing, Find the Path, and Hidden Pictures. Check out our free …

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Thanksgiving game title image

There aren’t a lot of fun Thanksgiving themed activities and games to play, especially with young kids. So I created this easy printable Thanksgiving Dinner Plate game. Print out a game card for each person and roll the dice. Whoever fills their plate first with a meat item, dessert, bread, and three sides wins the …

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Thanksgiving Bingo cards

What’s a family gathering without some games? While you’re waiting to eat your Thanksgiving feast give a game of Thanksgiving Bingo a try! It’s a game that the whole family can play together. This game is picture based so even young kids can get in on the game. Grab the free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards …

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