Kindergarten Thanksgiving Worksheets {Free Printables}

Kids will love these free Thanksgiving printables.

These fun printable activities can be used in a kindergarten classroom, at home during November, or to keep kids busy while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready!

For kindergarten we have an I Spy, Connect the Dots, and a Maze. Check out our free preschool printables too!

turkey with Thanksgiving kindergarten printables

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Thanksgiving themed activities can make learning fun all November long or used as part of Thanksgiving celebrations.

These three printables are mostly geared towards kindergarten age kids but may work for some older preschoolers or first graders too!

Click on the picture of each printable to download the PDF to print (without the watermark of course).

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Thanksgiving I Spy

I Spy is always a popular game with kids and this Thanksgiving printable is no different.

Kids will find various items in the picture and count how many of each they find. They can write the total in the box next to each picture.

If you’re playing in a classroom kids can team up to complete the game or check with a buddy when they’re done to see if they got the same answers.

Thanksgiving I Spy with watermark
Thanksgiving I Spy

For kindergarteners I Spy can help them practice and perfect the one-to-one correspondence when counting the objects and allow them to practice writing their numbers.

They will also have to work on their visual discrimination to tell the different items apart, for example there are two different types of pumpkins in the picture.

Connect the Dots

Kids will love completing this fun Thanksgiving Connect-the-dots printable to uncover a delicious Thanksgiving dessert.

Be sure to ask them what their favorite dessert is when they’re done. They can even color the picture when they’re done.

Thanksgiving connect the dots watermarked
Thanksgiving Connect the Dots

Connect the dots games are a great way to practice numbers, in this one the numbers 1-25.

These printable activities can also be great for further developing fine motor skills as they draw lines between the dots.

Just remind kids to slow down and try to make them neat. These fine motor skills are essential to writing numbers and letters.

For kids working on learning all their numbers be sure to check out my Count to 100 set on my shop page!

Thanksgiving Maze

A maze is always a hit with kids. My 5 year old still sometimes likes to “bust through a wall” instead of finding the proper path but she loves to do them!

Thanksgiving maze printable with watermark
Thanksgiving Maze

Mazes are a fun way for kids to practice problem solving and fine motor skills as they try to trace within the lines as they try to find the correct path.

Visit the Thanksgiving Page for more Thanksgiving themed fun!

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Free Thanksgiving Worksheets

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