Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities for kids

Thanksgiving crafts and activities

Thanksgiving can sometimes end up as the forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas (if you’re in the United States). But it’s also a great time to make a turkey craft with your kids or find some fun activities for them to do during Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving games & activities

Thanksgiving Bingo cards

Printable Thanksgiving Bingo is a game the whole family can play including young kids.

Thanksgiving placemats for kids

Thanksgiving Placemats are perfect for keeping kids busy while they wait for dinner.

pumpkin scented playdough

Kids will love playing with this homemade Pumpkin Scented Playdough.

Thanksgiving crafts

turkey craft for kids

This Styrofoam Turkey was a big hit with my kids! They can even take it apart and rebuild it over and over.

simple turkey crafts for kids

You can’t have too many turkeys. Check out these 15 fun Turkey Craft ideas to try with your kids.

tide pod container turkey on bench

Who knew you could turn a tide pod container into such a cute Tide Pod Turkey!

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