Fun Kool aid dyed easter eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is definitely one of my favorite parts of the Easter holiday. It’s so fun to try new ways of decorating and dyeing or coloring the eggs.

One fun way to color your eggs is to use the classic Kool-Aid drink mix! Read on to find out how to make your own koolaid easter eggs!

Kool aid easter eggs

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Using Kool-Aid to dye your Easter eggs is a fun and taste safe way to do it with young kids. There won’t be sugar added to the mix though so they won’t be overly tempted to taste the “dye”.


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • 1 Pink Kool-Aid packet
  • 1 Purple Kool-Aid packet
  • 2 Red Kool-Aid packets
  • 2 Blue Kool-Aid packets
  • 3 Yellow Kool-Aid packets
  • Water
  • Wide mouthed jars or other containers

kool aid and jars to dye eggs

How to make Kool-Aid Easter eggs

1 – Before you can get started you’ll first need to hard boil your eggs and let them get cool enough to touch.

My favorite way to boil eggs is using one of these amazing egg timers. You put it in with your eggs and it will tell you exactly when to remove them from the heat!

2 – Bring two cups of water to a boil for each color you want to use.

3 – Place Kool Aid powders into jars. You’ll use 1 packet each of pink, purple, red, blue, and yellow. Then you’ll need to combine packets if you want to make additional colors.

  • Orange – 1 packet of yellow and add a sprinkle of red
  • Green – 1 packet of yellow and add a sprinkle of blue

You can of course play around and create your own color combinations

koolaid packet color combos

4 – Pour 2 cups of water into each jar and stir to dissolve the Kool Aid.

If you’re using smaller containers like a coffee mug you will probably need to use only 1 cup of water and can use half the kool-aid packet at a time.

5 – Carefully place eggs into the dye. Keep them in the dye until they reach the desired color. (Pull them up occasionally using a spoon or tongs to check the shade.)

6 – Remove the eggs from the dye and place them on a wire cooling rack until completely dry. Avoid touching the wet eggs until they are dry or you’ll end up with fingerprints on your eggs.

Easter STEM activities

Color Mixing

Dyeing eggs is a great way to practice colors and talk about color mixing. We’ve listed some combinations above but you can also get extra packets and let your kids experiment with creating colors of their own.

How long to get colored? How dark with different time


Another way to mix a little STEM learning is to see how long it takes for the eggs to get dyed. How long to get light blue? How long to get dark blue?

How long to hard boil an egg?

You can even start the learning at the beginning. Get extra eggs and see what they look like inside after different amounts of time in the boiling water. How long does it take to make a hard-boiled egg?

Enjoy this fun alternative way to dye an Easter egg! Tag us in your creation photos on Instagram @totschoolresources and follow us for more fun crafts and activities

kool aid easter eggs

Kool Aid colored Easter eggs

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