Even or Odd Leprechaun (St. Patrick’s Day Math Game)

Looking for a fun, themed, math game for March?

This cute leprechaun game is a great way for first graders, 2nd graders, (or any kids who need the review) to practice their even vs odd numbers.

Pick a leprechaun and move down the rainbow path by identifying numbers. The first to reach the treasure at the end of the rainbow wins.

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This fun St. Patrick’s Day math game is a fun way for kids to practice identifying whether a number is even or odd.

My daughter started the game using our wall charts to help her identify the numbers but after a few rounds already knew some of them without looking…and she didn’t even realize she was learning.


You will need a pack of number cards to play the game.

Many of you probably already have number flashcards but if not you can pick some up for a few dollars or ask on your local buy nothing group.

This game makes a great St. Patrick’s Day math activity!

How to Play

1 – Print out the game board on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. You may need to narrow your margins when you print it.

We printed ours on plain paper but if you need it to be sturdier you can laminate, print it on cardstock, or stick it in a sheet protector.

2 – Next, print out the page with the instructions and playing pieces.

There are 4 leprechauns to choose from, but the game is meant for 2 players. The pieces will stand if you just fold them on the solid line at the bottom.

But, if you find they fall over a lot you can tape them to a coin or place them in a game piece holder from another game you have.

3 – Once everything is ready put your two chosen playing pieces on the cloud that says START.

4 – The first player pulls a number card and identifies whether the number is odd or even.

If the number is even, move forward 3 spaces. If the number is odd move backwards 1 space.

Place the card in a discard pile.

5 – Now it’s the other players turn. Continue taking turns back and forth until one player reaches the pot of gold and wins the game.

For us one round used 50-60 cards (you can shuffle if you run out). Our games took less than 10 minutes to play so it’s a pretty quick game.

Even or Odd Leprechaun Printable Game

The game prints on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper. There are 2 sheets, one is the game board, the other is the instructions and playing pieces.

I hope enjoy some fun math review with these little leprechauns this St. Paddy’s Day!

Thanks for sharing!

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