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Monarch Butterfly Toilet Roll Craft

Today you’re in for a beautiful little toilet roll butterfly craft. And not just any butterfly, but the gorgeous Monarch butterfly!

We grow milkweed in our yard and my kids love watching the monarch butterfly caterpillars do there thing.

They can usually be found out there every morning counting them…yay math!

monarch butterfly kid craft on white background

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This craft turns out looking very pretty but is still simple enough that even young kids can partake.

So, grab your crafting supplies and let’s help those old toilet paper rolls metamorphize into magnificent monarch butterflies.


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Markers (orange & yellow)
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • White dot paint
  • Glue
  • Monarch Butterfly Template
  • Optional: Googly eyes

If you don’t have old toilet paper rolls around your house you can buy a pack of craft tubes in white or natural color.

craft supplies for monarch craft


1 – Your first step is to paint your toilet roll or craft tube black.

To really get it solid black paint will work best but you could try using paint sticks or markers instead.

toilet roll painted black

2 – Next, you’ll need to add white dots all over the body leaving a small area for the face.

I used dot paint but you could also try dipping a q-tip in white paint to make the dots.

black toilet roll tube with white paint spots

3 – Now it’s time to add a cute little face.

We used the same paint that we used for the dots to make the smiley face. The eyes are googly eyes of course.

For the antennae I cut one black pipe cleaner into three pieces. Curl the ends of two pieces and then attach them to the inside of the toilet tube.

My favorite way to attach them is actually with masking tape. You don’t have to keep it still waiting for glue to dry and it won’t show since it’s on the inside.

toilet paper roll monarch butterfly body

4 – While everything dries you can prepare the wings.

Print the monarch wing template on paper or cardstock depending on how stiff you want the wings.

Download the monarch butterfly template

Color them in just like in the picture. Or you can of course create your own wing design.

5 – The last step is to attach the wings!

You can use liquid glue, hot glue, or if since the back won’t be displayed you can attach them with masking tape to speed up the process.

toilet roll monarch butterfly craft

Enjoy this fun craft! Follow us on social media and visit our craft page for more fun.

monarch butterfly craft on grass

Thanks for sharing!

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