Valentines Crafts

handprint card craft on table

I absolutely love this cute Valentine’s Day handprint card. It makes a great gift for a parent or other family member. It can also be used as a classroom Valentine’s Day activity as each kid could make one for another classmate! This cute card craft uses only paper and glue so you may already have …

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toddler valentines handprint craft

Valentine’s Day crafts are a must-do activity for toddlers and preschoolers. They can be fun whether you’re planning for a classroom or just an at home activity. This craft also doubles as a cute gift for a parent, grandparent, or friend! You won’t need any special supplies for this easy Valentine’s Day art project as …

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peek-a-boo heart card

If you need an easy Valentines craft or want to help your child make a Valentine’s Day card for dad, mom, or grandparents this peek-a-boo heart card is a fun and easy choice! All you’ll need is cardstock, washi tape or crafting tape, a glue stick, and our heart card template. This Valentine’s Day card …

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