Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin {Fine Motor Activity}

A themed sensory bin or activity is a great way to liven up your learning.

For February it’s the perfect time for a Valentine’s themed activity of course.

This adorable Valentine’s Day themed fine motor activity can be used as part of a sensory bin or it’s own activity center.

Kids doing a valentine's day activity


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This activity is ideal for preschool age kids as it helps to develop those fine motor skills. Although, both my 4 and 6 year old daughters enjoyed doing it.


valentines sensory bin supplies

Bubble Popper – I used a heart shaped bubble popper to go with the Valentine’s Day theme but you could use any shape bubble popper in Valentine’s Day colors such as red, pink, or white.

Pom Poms – In order for this activity to work you will need craft pom poms that are 1/2″ in diameter, sometimes called mini pom poms.

You may get lucky and find a small pack in Valentine’s Day colors or you can simply buy a multi-color pack and sort out the colors you want to use for this activity.

child using tongs to move pom pom

Sensory Bin Play

Setting up this activity is quite simple. Place the bubble popper and tweezers in a bin. (I only suggest a bin to help contain the pom poms and keep them from rolling away.

Supply a generous amount of pom poms.

Direct the child to use the tweezers to pick up one pom pom and place it into one of the “holes” in the bubble popper. Keep going until all the holes are filled.

Once the entire bubble popper is filled they can dump it out and do it again or let someone else have a turn.

Other Ways to Play

For another layer of play you can have them complete a pattern like this one. Fill each row on the bubble popper with a single color.

pom pom pattern in bubble popper

You can also create task cards and turn this into a little activity center. Have kids try to create the same pattern as a given task card.

I’m including a blank task card so you can fill it in with the colors of pom poms you have on hand for your bin.

Click on the image to download our blank template.

heart outlines with circles inside

Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Using the tweezers to pick up and move a small object helps kids build hand/finger strength and develop pincer grasp. These are both important pre-writing skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

This activity can also help with hand-eye coordination as they pick up those small pom poms and place them into the holes in the bubble popper.

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day activity. Be sure to check out our bee sensory bin for spring!

child's hand using sensory bin tweezers

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