Valentine’s Day Caterpillar Heart Craft {for kids}

This adorable Valentine’s Day caterpillar craft is a perfect quick and easy way to celebrate the holiday.

You can easily adapt this craft for different age groups making it suitable for toddlers and older kids as well.

heart caterpillar on white background

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This craft can just be a quick cute activity or easily turned into a little holiday card for parents or other family members.


heart caterpillar supplies


1 – Gather your hearts.

You will need 6 or more hearts in various shades of pink, red, or other Valentine’s day colors for this craft. (Our hearts were about 2″ across and 1.75″ tall).

If you’re doing this with just a few kids or the kids are old enough to cut out their own hearts you can use a heart template and cardstock or construction paper to make your own paper hearts.

Feel free to use our small hearts as a template! Click the image to print.

small heart outlines on a page

I cut our hearts out of this small book of cardstock paper I grabbed at Michaels. The pieces were just the right size.

If you are doing this with an entire class, especially if they are preschool age, I recommend buying some paper hearts to save time.

If you want to quickly make your own hearts you could also pick up a heart shaped hole punch!

2 – Glue the hearts to a background page.

We used a plain piece of white cardstock for our background but you could use any color of paper you like for your background.

hearts being glued to white paper

The first heart should be a bit higher than the rest since it’s the head. Each heart should slightly overlap the previous one.

Try tilting them in slight different directions.

3 – Add the details.

Grab a black marker or gel pen and add details to your caterpillar. Add 1-2 legs under each heart, eyes and a mouth, and two antennae.

heart caterpillar craft

4 – Add some extras.

Add googly eyes if you like and some hearts to the end of the antennae. We used rhinestone hearts but you could cut small hearts out of paper as well.

valentine's day caterpillar craft

5 – Optional: Add a message.

You can add a simple message to your craft if you like. We wrote Happy Valentine’s Day on ours.

Kids may also want to draw a little scene on the paper to go with their creation.

pink heart caterpillar with happy valentine's day message

Learning Opportunities

Name Practice

Want to add an extra layer of learning to this Valentine’s Day craft? Write a letter of the child’s name on each heart. You may need to use extra hearts or put two letters on some pieces if the name is long.

Have the child put the hearts in the correct order before they glue them on.

heart caterpillar that spells name

Closing paragraph

CALL TO ACTION – Use reuseable block maybe?


Valentine's Day paper caterpillar craft

extra h2 heading

Thanks for sharing!

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