Printable Rainbow Dragon Valentines {for kids}

Dragons seem to be the hot topic for kids these days!

My daughter and her friends are obsessed with dragons largely because they love the Wings of Fire series.

So, creating some dragon themed Valentine’s Day cards was a no brainer. I found these adorable rainbow dragon images, which made for super cute cards.

image of dragon breathing fire over dragon valentines

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You will want to print these on cardstock paper. There are 4 different dragon designs and they print 4 to a page.

My daughter helped my choose the sayings for the cards so they are kid approved!

Dragon Treats

Every Valentine can use a little gift or treat to go with it. Here are some fun ideas to pair with the dragon valentine cards.

Key chains: We paired ours with dragon key chains, which kids could use as backpack charms. They’re also super simple to attach to the cards.

Just use a hole punch on one corner of each card and clip the key chain onto the card.

dragon valentines with keychains

Dragon Sticky Hands: Kids seem to love sticky hands. Check out these dragon shaped ones.

Dragon Figurines: Small dragon figurines can easily be taped to the back of the cards.

Rainbow Dragon Charms: Want to stick with the rainbow theme? I found these cute rainbow dragon charms on Etsy.

Rainbow Lollipops: A simple rainbow lollipop will also pair great with these Valentines if your kids really want to give a treat with their cards.

Dragon Valentines

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Printable Valentines

These printable valentines print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and we highly recommend using cardstock. Click the button to download.

printable dragon valentines
dragon valentines for kids

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printable dragon valentines for kids with red hearts

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