Free Printable Goldfish Valentines {totally adorable}

Your child’s classmates will have a swimmingly good time with these cute Goldfish Valentines.

Goldfish make a perfect non-candy Valentine’s Day treat for preschool or kindergarten classes.

Slap one of these Valentine labels on the pack and you’ll be ready to celebrate!

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Our printable goldfish Valentines come in several variations and can be used for individual goldfish boxes or the more common bags.

They are designed to be printed on label paper and attached like stickers but you could also print them on cardstock and attach them with string.

They have cute phrases like:

  • Valentine, I’m o-fish-ally glad we’re friends
  • Valentine, I’m glad we swim in the same school
  • Have a fin-tastic Valentine’s Day

If you love goldfish be sure to check out our fun goldfish graphing activity too.

What do I need

Printing the labels

To print the labels you’ll need one of our free printables (download them below) and some label sheets.

I like to get just the full sheet labels as you can use the leftover sheets to turn anything else into a sticker.

These ones from Amazon are a great choice and inexpensive.

Remember to test print one sheet first to make sure you have the labels loaded correctly...ask me how I know.

goldfish valentines boxes

Simply print your goldfish valentine printable of choice until you have enough for the class. Then, cut them out and boom, instant sticker labels.

If you’re doing this last minute you could print them on paper and tape or glue them onto the containers.

Attaching the labels

If you’ve printed the valentines onto sticky paper then you now have stickers!

Before you start attaching be sure to write, or have your child write, their name in the from section. It’s probably easier if they do it before you cut them out.

Now, simply peel them off…this can be a little challenging…then carefully center it on the front of a carton or bag of goldfish and press it on gently to secure it.

If you want them separate you can use a hole punch to place a hole in the top part of the goldfish pack and one in the printable valentine and attach them with a piece of red string or ribbon.

2 goldfish valentine bags

Do I need individual Goldfish cartons or bags?

You can use either the small, individual cartons (2oz) of goldfish or the individual sized bags (I used the 1oz size).

Just be sure to print the correct size below for whichever size you choose to use.

You can use whichever flavor variety you like, usually there are regular cheddar and the colors variety available.

To download the printables simply click on the image or the button below it. Each one downloads separately.

Goldfish Box Valentine Printables

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

The goldfish box sized valentines all read “Valentine, I’m o-fish-ally glad we’re friends.”

Goldfish with hearts – single side

This design will fit on the front of the small boxes of goldfish crackers. The front of the boxes are small so there’s only a small space to write who the Valentine is from.

goldfish valentines with goldfish and red hearts

Goldfish with hearts – double side

Want room to write both a To and From? Print two labels and place one on the front and one on the back of each box.

goldfish valentine box front
goldfish valentine box back
printable goldfish valentine with 2 sides

Goldfish in a bowl

Want a different option? I love this cute goldfish that looks like it’s waving hello to your friends.

printable valentine cards goldfish in a bowl

Goldfish Bag Printable Valentines

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

We have 4 different design choices that are sized to go on the front of individual goldfish bags.

Fin-tastic Valentine’s Day

Note that this design doesn’t have a designated spot to put a to or from. But, I think these little goldfish friends are super cute.

printable goldfish valentines that read Have a fin-tastic Valentine's Day

I’m glad we swim in the same school

This one is especially great for schoolmates or classmates. The cute goldfish valentine let’s them know that you’re glad they “swim in the same school”.

goldfish valentine card with a fishbowl with 3 fish inside

O-Fish-Ally Glad we’re friends – fish & hearts

This is a repeat of the design above but sized for goldfish bags instead of boxes.

Goldfish valentines with fish and hearts

O-Fish-Ally Glad we’re friends – goldfish bowl

I love this cute little fish so much that he’s featured twice. This version will fit on bags of goldfish.

O fish ally glad we're friends goldfish valentines cards

Find more themed fun on our Valentine’s Day page.

Thanks for sharing!

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