Butterfly Wing Templates (FREE PRINTABLES)

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. That’s why they are often the subject of crafts and coloring pages!

Check out our collection of free printable butterfly wing templates that are perfect for your next project. They come in several sizes and styles.

The larger full page designs are great for coloring or painting. Medium size work well if you’re doing a butterfly toilet roll craft. Small work well for adding to a larger design. There are half wing designs available for some styles as well.

We’ve also included some Butterfly Mandala Coloring Pages at the end.

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To download a template simply click on the image or the text above the image.

Butterfly Wing Templates – Monarch

Me and my kids are big fans of Monarch butterflies. We love watching their caterpillars in our butterfly garden.

These templates are just the wings, perfect for crafting. Or you can color in the wings and add your own body and antennae.

We used this template for fun crafts like our toilet roll monarch butterfly.

The wings are not connected so you can use just one side if you need a half wing template.

Monarch Butterfly Wing – Large

Monarch Butterfly Wing Template large

Butterfly Wing Template 1

Butterfly Template 1 is a blank butterfly shape that you can turn into any butterfly you want. The wings are connected but without a body. So add your own or attach them as part of your favorite butterfly craft.

Butterfly Wing Template 1 – Large

Butterfly wing template 1 large

We use this template for our dot marker toilet roll butterfly craft.

Butterfly Wing Template 2

Butterfly template 2 is a complete butterfly. These are great for coloring, painting etc. If you just want this wing shape you can always cut out the body.

Butterfly Wing Template 2 – Large

Butterfly wing template 2 large

Butterfly Wing Template 3

This butterfly wing template gives a different shape as the wings are taller and narrower.

Butterfly Wing Template 3 – Large

butterfly wing template 3 large

Butterfly Half-Wing Templates 3

This butterfly template is the same shape as above but without a body. The wings are not connected, perfect for it you need just a half wing template.

Butterfly Half-Wing Template 3 – Large

Butterfly half-wing template 3 large

Butterfly Coloring Pages

Lastly, we have some beautiful mandala style butterfly coloring pages!

Mandala Butterfly Coloring Page 1

coloring page of 2 mandala butterflies

Mandala Butterfly Coloring Page 2

Mandala Butterfly Coloring page 2

Mandala Butterfly Coloring Page 3

Butterfly mandala coloring page 3

Thanks for sharing!

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