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Paper Plate Ladybug Craft {with moving wings}

Ladybugs or Ladybirds are always a hit with kids. With bright colors and their dot pattern they make a great subject for crafts with toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond.

This paper plate ladybug craft is easy to make, while it’s moving wings make it tons of fun!

paper plate ladybug craft

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You can use this as a simple craft activity, as part of learning about ladybugs or insects, or to go along with the grouchy ladybug book.


  • 2 paper plates
  • paint, paint sticks, or markers (black & red)
  • black construction paper
  • 1 brad or paper fastener
  • Optional: Googly eyes

For younger kids paint sticks are a great tool to use as they dry quickly. Paint is a fun option too. Markers will work in a pinch but will take longer to cover the entire plate.

To really speed things up you can use black and red paper plates so that all you need to do is add some black dots using markers or stickers.

Growing up we always called what I used for this project brads, but if you want to buy them online they are generally called paper fasteners. You can paint the head of your brad or try these colored ones if you prefer.


1 – The first thing you’ll want to do is color the front (the side you’d eat off of) of one plate completely black.

paper plate with black paint

2 – Then take your second paper plate and color the back of it completely red.

paper plate with red paint

If you used paint you’ll need to let the plates dry before moving on.

3 – Cut the red plate in half down the middle

4 – Add black spots to the two red pieces.

red paper plate wings with black

5 – Cut a half circle from a piece of black construction paper for the head.

6 – Now, it’s time to put your pieces together!

Place the black plate on the bottom. Place the two red pieces on top overlapping slightly at the top.

brad through paper plates

Use a push pin or knife to create a small hole through all three paper plate pieces so that the brad (or paper fastener) will go through.

Hold the head under the plates, centered between the two red wings. Push the brad through all 4 pieces and then lock it in place.

7 – To finish off your ladybug add some googly eyes or draw the eyes on. (It’s better to wait until the head is attached so you can place the eyes in the best spot.).

8 – Now you’ll have a cute ladybug with moveable wings and head!

paper plate lady bug

Learning Opportunities

Ladybug Lifecycle

This ladybug craft can be a stand alone activity to pass a rainy day or used as part of learning all about ladybugs, including their lifecycle.

I reviewed the ladybug lifecycle with my daughter when she was 4 and she enjoyed it learning it.

Raise your own ladybugs

Raising ladybugs or butterflies can be a really fun project to do with your kids. They’ll love watching for their insects to transform. You can buy a kit off Amazon and have your own little science experiment at home.

Be sure to read the description on any kit you purchase. Some come with a certificate for larvae instead of being shipped with the kit. There are usually directions for optimal temperature during shipping so that your larvae will arrive alive and healthy.

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ladybug paper plate craft

Easy Ladybug Craft

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