Cute Sunflower Craft for kids {Edible too!}

Sunflower are simple yet beautiful. They are a perfect image for fall. So why not try a cute & easy sunflower craft for kids. This one is made with a fall favorite, candy corn.

Kids will not only enjoying creating this sunflower…but eating it too! That’s right, this craft is full edible so you can make your craft and eat it too!

candy corn sunflower craft on white background

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This sunflower craft is great for a general fall craft. But it’s also a great activity for a fall festival or Halloween party since it can be eaten once it’s complete.

This is an easy craft so it can be used for preschool age kids but would be fun for kindergarten or early elementary as well.

The hardest part is convincing them not to eat all the “craft” supplies before they actually make the sunflower.


candy corn sunflower craft ingredients

How to make a candy corn sunflower

1 – The first step is creating a small circle of frosting on your parchment paper or paper plate. This will work as the “glue”.

You really only need less than a teaspoon as you need a thin layer just to hold things in place.

frosting circle on parchment paper

We used a piece of parchment paper to build ours on but you can use anything that is food safe. A paper plate would work also.

If you want the backing to be edible as well you could build the flower portion on a sugar cookie or put two graham crackers together to make the background.

process images of candy corn sunflower craft

2 – Next, use mini chocolate chips to make the “seeds” at the center of the sunflower.

Tip: It will look more like a sunflower with a larger center. Our center was about 1.5″ across.

chocolate chips on frosting circle

3 – Now you’re ready to add the petals. Place a circle of candy corn around the edge.

As you can see, all of the candy corn doesn’t have to be in the frosting. It’s ok if only part is in the frosting as it’s just there to hold it in place.

sunflower made with candy corn

4 – Optional: For an extra touch add a stem. We used Rips candy cut in half but any green strip style candy will work.

If you just want the look you can use green pipe cleaners as well just don’t try to eat them!

candy corn sunflower with stem

Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Placing the small chocolate chips and each candy corn is great for those fine motor skills. This is the one my 4 year old made but younger kids could make one too.

preschool sunflower craft on table

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easy sunflower craft on table

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