15+ Candy Corn craft ideas {for kids}

As soon as back to school hits in September most of us start eagerly awaiting fall and Halloween.

What better way to channel that excitement into creative endeavors than by diving into the world of candy corn crafts with your little ones?

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Candy corn, with its iconic tri-colored appearance, isn’t just a treat; it’s also a fantastic tool for sparking your child’s imagination and bringing out their inner artist.

This list of candy corn inspired craft ideas for kids is full of projects that will help work on things like fine motor skills while creating cute works of art and/or Halloween decor.

We’ve even included a few STEM type activities in this list too! Scroll on through and you’re sure to find one or more to try in your home or your classroom.

candy corn garland
candy corn garland
candy corn sunflower with stem
candy corn paper craft
candy corn slime
candy corn striped bucket craft
candy corn suncatcher
ripped paper candy corn craft on table
popsicle stick candy corn craft on table
kids doing candy corn experiment
washi tape candy corn craft
candy corn playdoh on table
tissue paper candy corn craft
candy corn math printable
candy corn rock painting
candy corn printable

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