Christmas Tree Lollipop Holder {Printable template}

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy and sweetness than with festive Christmas lollipop holders!

These cute little Christmas tree lollipop holders are great for making cute class gifts for Christmas. You could also use them at a Christmas festival or craft fair.

Or just make them for your friends and family.

three christmas lollipop holders on white background

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These cute lollipop holders are easy to make with our free printable. You can simply cut, glue, and add your lollipop and you’re ready to go.

Our printable Christmas lollipop holder also includes an option to color your own Christmas tree which kids might like to do if they’re making them for their classmates.

You can also choose your lollipop size. I have options for full size lollipops or the smaller dum dums and get started. Scroll down past the instructions to get the free printable.

What do you need?

  • Printable Christmas Lollipop holder template
  • Dum Dums or full size lollipops
  • Optional: Foam star stickers.
Christmas lollipop holder supplies

3 Options

There are 3 different options for this craft.

One – The simplest is to simply use the Christmas tree cut out as is.

Two – Print the blank Christmas tree and color it in yourself. Some kids may enjoy making an individual tree for each gift.

Three – Cut the star off when you cut out the Christmas tree. Then, place a foam star sticker at the top of the tree instead to add an extra pop of glitter to the lollipop holder.

This cute Christmas tree lollipop holder makes a great classroom gift or item for a Christmas craft fair. Grab the printable template and make them for full size or dum dum size lollipops.

Putting them together

1 – The first things you’ll need to do is choose a size and print the template (download at the end of the directions).

There are templates for regular size lollipops, like tootsie pops, and the smaller dum-dums.

I recommend printing the holder on regular paper…if you use cardstock it is harder to get the two sides to glue together.

The Christmas tree works better printed on cardstock. Otherwise, the edges will start to curl.

2 – Once everything is printed you’ll need to cut out a holder and a tree for each lollipop gift you want to create.

lollipop holder template pieces

If you choose the tree that you color yourself I recommend coloring before cutting.

3 – Take the holder piece and fold on each of the dotted lines.

folding paper on dotted line

4 – Now, you’ll need to poke a hole where the circle is. I found that a small philips head screwdriver works great for this but you could also try a pencil.

screwdriver making hole in paper

Once the hole is made you can push the stick of the lollipop through the hole.

5 – Lay the holder with the lollipop side flat on the table and place glue on either side of the stick.

Then fold the other side up and press and hold for a minute until it sticks.

If you use cardstock for the holder you will have to hold it for a while or it will pop back open.

6 – Next, place glue on the back of the Christmas tree. Then line the base of the tree up with the bottom of the holder and gently press it into place.

glueing Christmas tree onto holder

If you decided to use the foam star sticker line it up with the top of the tree and gently press it into place.

Christmas tree lollipop holder on table

Printable Christmas lollipop holder template

This printable template includes 6 pages but you only need 2 of them.

Simply print the holders for the size of lollipop you plan to use and then either the full color Christmas trees or the outline to color yourself.

As I said above, I recommend printing the holders on regular paper but the Christmas trees on cardstock.

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We hope you enjoy making these cute lollipop holders for your class this holiday season!

Visit the Christmas page for more fun holiday crafts & activities!

Christmas Lollipop Holder

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