Twas the Night before Christmas {Santa craft for kids}

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house…every kid was stirring trying to catch a peek at Santa Claus!

Kids can help Santa get down the chimney with this paper Twas the night before Christmas craft featuring the big guy himself.

night before christmas craft pin

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This is a cute Santa craft and it can be personalized for your family. Simply change up the names on the stockings and the number of stockings used to reflect your unique family.

I’ve also included an extra coloring sheet for more fun or to entertain little kids while you do the craft with preschool age kids and older.


  • 2 printed craft template sheets (download below)
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick
supplies for twas the night before Christmas craft


1 – Use scissors to cut two slits in the fireplace image (along the black dotted lines)

One line is towards the top of the page and the other is at the top of the fireplace itself.

An adult will need to do this part unless you are doing this with older children.

cutting along dotted line with scissors

2 – On the second sheet cut out the rectangle with Santa on it. (Be sure to cut out the entire piece, not just the Santa)

3 – Cut out as many stockings as you need and label each with the name of a family member.

We’ve included six stockings so you may need to print out an extra page if you have a larger family.

santa strip and stocking cut from paper

An adult may need to do the cutting and help to write the names depending on how advanced your child is with cutting and writing skills.

4 – Glue the stockings across the fireplace mantle. Be careful not to glue too low and cover the slit you cut above the fireplace.

gluing stockings on the fireplace mantle

5 – Thread the Santa rectangle through the two slits. Now you can push and pull to make Santa go up and down the chimney!

santa at the top of the chimney
santa down the chimney

Visit the Christmas page for more fun holiday crafts & activities!

Twas the Night Before Christmas craft printable

The craft template prints on 2 pieces of 8.5″x11″ paper. You can use regular paper or cardstock if desired. There is also a coloring page and instruction page you can print if desired.

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

Thanks for sharing!

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