Printable Nativity Craft for kids {3D nativity scene}

Christmas is such a special time of year.

A cute nativity craft is a must do whether you’re doing it at home with your own kids or planning a nativity craft for sunday school or kids ministry at church.

This printable 3D paper nativity scene is perfect for kids of all ages.

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If you’re using this for a class I recommend making one yourself first just so you can see how it all goes together. The instructions can sound confusing the first time through, but it’s pretty simple once you start to see how it all goes together.

This craft can be used for multiple ages. There are two choices to start, you can either print blank pieces for the nativity scene that kids can color themselves or print them out already colored and ready to go.

For younger children, you’ll need to cut out the pieces for them ahead of time but they can help to fold and glue with a little assistance depending on their age.


  • 4 page PDF printable nativity craft template
  • white cardstock
  • gluestick
  • scissors
  • optional: crayons or markers

You will need to print this on cardstock. You may be able to get away with printing only the backdrop on cardstock but everything will hold up better on cardstock.

If you want to create your own background you could simply fold a piece of cardstock in half and cover the areas with wrapping paper or any paper you want to cover the same area as in the PDF image.


1 – Print either the blank or colored nativity pieces on card stock.

2 – Cut along the dotted lines of the manger sheet to cut it out. Then carefully cut along the dotted line inside of the manger. (Cut along the dotted lines only!)

cut out manger

4 – Grab the background sheet (purplish with palm trees). Fold it in half along the solid white line so that it’s standing up.

prepare manger background

5 – Apply glue to the background sheet in the two rectangles that show a glue stick.

6 – Fold the manger along the solid lines. Then, attach the folded pieces on the manger to the rectangles on the background sheet.

attach the manger to the background

7 – Cut out all of the nativity figures and fold them along the solid line.

8 – Cut the strip that says tree and fold it accordion style. Then glue one end and attach it to the tree.

attach accordion style paper to tree

9 – To attach the tree to the manger scene place glue along the bottom tab as well as the other end of the accordion strip then gently attach to the manger background.

10 – For the angel cut the strip and accordion it and then attach one end to her and one end to the front of the manger.

attach piece to angel

11 – Repeat for the star.

12 – For the remaining pieces, fold the bottom tab, apply glue, and place in the manger scene wherever you like. You can follow our photos or create your own arrangement.

attach all pieces to manger

Nativity craft printable

The craft template is a 4 page PDF but you only need to print 3 pages based on whether you want blank or pre-colored characters for your nativity scene.

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

I hope you enjoy this fun Christmas craft with your kids!

Visit the Christmas page for more fun holiday crafts & activities!

3d nativity craft

free printable nativity scene

Thanks for sharing!

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