Spooky Witch’s brew science experiment {Halloween activity for kids}

There’s something special about Halloween season. Kids will love this spooky witches brew Halloween activity. They won’t even realize they’re doing a science experiment at the same time.

Use this fun and easy activity as a STEM project for classroom or at home learning. Have it as an activity at a party. Or just use it for an afternoon of witch themed fun with your kids!

witch's brew stem activity step by step photos

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This bubbling cauldron is a perfect STEM activity for Halloween. Kids can experiment using different combinations of ingredients and different amounts to see what results they get.

This activity can get quite messy. You’ll want to put a baking pan underneath and/or do it outside, on a tile floor, or in the bathtub. Basically, somewhere you can easily wash away the mess when your kids are all done creating!

Witch potion making supplies

witchs brew ingredients

Make sure you have extra supplies on hand. My daughter had a blast doing this project and wanted to do it again and again! We went through 2 bottles of vinegar before I finally called it a day.

How to make your bubbling witch’s cauldron

1 – Mix vinegar and food coloring in small cups (separate cup for each color)

mix vinegar and food coloring

2 – Pour baking soda into the cauldrons (or whatever container you want to use for the explosion/reaction). Start with about a teaspoon.

baking soda in witch cauldron

3 – Pour one color of vinegar over the baking soda and watch your witch potion brew!

pour vinegar into baking soda to create bubbling cauldron

4 – Stirring it a bit will create a bigger eruption.

You MUST mix these in an open container. If you mix them in a container with a lid they could explode the container.

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Learning Opportunities

This activity is a great introduction to basic science. They can try lots of different things and see which works the best and creates the best witch potion.

Try different amounts of baking soda

How do you make a bigger eruption? Does more baking soda make a difference? Does how fast you poor in the vinegar make a difference? How about stirring?

witch's brew science experiment

Try other items

Let them try different substances to see if they’ll create a reaction. What happens if you replace baking soda with salt, sugar, coffee, etc.

Do not mix your vinegar with bleach or hydrogen peroxide (not that I think you’re likely to let your kids experiment with those.)

To be safe do a quick Google search for the items you want to mix with vinegar to ensure they won’t cause any safety issues.

You can also do the reverse and try pouring other liquids over the baking soda to see if they react. As before, make sure your combinations aren’t going to cause any issues.

Try making a rainbow

Try to make a rainbow potion. We achieved it a few times by dropping food coloring on the dry baking soda, 3-4 colors in different areas of the baking soda.

Then pour the vinegar over top and we actually saw the colors come out separately, it was cool to watch.

Have fun! We’d love to see your witch potions. Share a photo below or tag us on Instagram @totschoolresources

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Witch's brew kid activity

Halloween witches brew

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