Candy Corn STEM Activity {levels for all ages}

Setting up a Halloween STEM activity doesn’t have to be difficult. Our simple candy corn STEM activity can be used with kids of almost any age. We’ve got different levels to choose from depending on your group.

Candy corns are fun and colorful…and some people even like to eat them too!

candy corn toothpick build

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Using candy corn as inspiration for this simple toothpick engineering project is a great way to bring the Halloween spirit into your classroom, homeschool, or just for easy fun entertainment.


You don’t actually need any candy corn for most of the levels of this activity! But, it might be nice to have some around for inspiration…or snacking. You only need two things to make this activity happen.

candy corn building supplies

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Candy Corn Building Directions

There are 4 different levels you can choose for this activity. Choose the one that suits your child or classroom. This makes it easy to adapt for different ages.

Preschool Halloween STEM activity on black background

Level 1

The level 1 candy corn build is the simplest and can be done with kindergarteners, maybe even preschoolers with help.

It’s a simple 2 dimensional build with just 3 rows.

2D candy corn stem activity

Level 2

The level 2 candy corn build is just a bit bigger and has an extra row. It’s great for early elementary and maybe some kindergarten age kids who are future engineers.

2D Halloween stem activity

Level 3

The level 3 candy corn build is definitely a big jump up. Now we’re making it 3 dimensional!

The kids will have to figure out how to tackle the build as it can be approached from different ways.

3D candy corn stem challenge

Level 4

The level 4 build is great for older kids. I don’t have a picture to go with this one because here’s where you truly let their imaginations and building skills run free. Simply give them the supplies and a few candy corns as inspiration.

Now ask them to recreate it with the materials at hand and see what they come up with! How many different ways can a candy corn be made with these simple items?!

Halloween stem activity supplies on table

Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating the thin toothpicks and bits of playdoh are great for helping younger kids develop their fine motor skills.

Problem Solving

How should they start this project. What comes next? What should they do when they encounter an issue with their build?

There are plenty of problem solving skills needed to complete this candy corn toothpick building challenge.

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