Pumpkin Match Game for Preschoolers {Printable}

Printable Pumpkin Face Match Game

October means pumpkins! Bring them to life with this cute pumpkin face matching game for preschoolers. Played like a game of memory it’s fun for kids and is a great activity to do together.

The game is played just like a game of memory but with fun pumpkin faces. Grab your free printable below and start playing!

pumpkin matching game on white table

This fun Halloween game is great for a classroom or at home. Memory is a simple game so this Halloween printable is best for toddlers and preschool age kids.

It’s played just like a traditional memory game:

  1. You lay all the cards out pumpkin side down.
  2. Flip over any two cards. If they are match move the pair to the side. If they do not match flip them back over.
  3. The goal is to remember where cards are so you can find their match since you can only turn over 2 cards each turn.

Learning Opportunities


Obviously the biggest learning opportunity here is matching like objects. You might ask:

  • Which two pumpkins have glasses?
  • Which two have pointy teeth?

If your kids are a little young for a full on game of memory they can still use the cards to practice matching. My 2.5 year old only made it through about 3 turns before deciding it was more fun to just flip them all over and match them up.

Kids can start playing an actual simple game of memory around age 4, preschool age.

Taking Turns

Games are great for practicing taking turns. Show them how the game is played if you’ve never played memory before. Then encourage them to take turns with you trying to find the matching pumpkins.

Facial Expressions and Feelings

Talk about the different facial expressions. Ask them what they think that pumpkin is feeling. That one is sad? Can you make a sad face? This pumpkin is feeling silly? Can you make a silly face?

Remember to let your child lead. There are no right or wrong answers here. You may be surprised by their answers if you let them lead the way.

Printable Halloween Game

Print out your game and get playing! I like to print them on a 8.5×11 piece of cardstock. I actually get most of my printing done at Fedex Office as I always seem to be out of printer ink. They can even print them double sided for you.

If you can’t print on cardstock or double-sided you can print out the front and back and glue the papers onto either side of a piece of cardstock. Allow them to dry and then cut into pieces.

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Pumpkin Match game preschoolers

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