Candy Corn garland craft for kids {Printable}

Candy Corn Banner

Candy corn can be a polarizing topic. Love it or hate it, it definitely screams Halloween and is perfect to make part of your Halloween decor!

I think I actually tried candy corn for the first time while creating this candy corn printable banner. It’s tasty but rather unremarkable as it doesn’t have much flavor, it’s basically just sugar made into a fun shape.

Grab this printable and create your own candy corn garland as part of your candy corn decorations.

This craft is simple enough that even young kids like toddlers and preschoolers can help color and lace the pieces together. Trace the letters on each card and your banner will spell Halloween!

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This craft is great for one kid, siblings, or even a classroom craft where everyone makes one letter and then can work together to string them up in the correct order. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten classes.

If you don’t have kids you can still make it and use as part of your Halloween decor. It looks great over a dessert table at a Halloween party.

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Candy Corn banner craft supplies

You’ll need just a few items to make this candy corn banner.

candy corn banner printable


  1. Start by tracing the letters with a black sharpie or marker. You can use a crayon but it will show up better with a sharpie or marker.
  2. Color each piece of candy corn. White on top, orange in the middle, yellow on the bottom.
  3. Cut out each piece.
  4. Punch a hole in the top using the guide.
  5. String them in order on a piece of black or orange yarn so they spell
  6. Hang up your Halloween banner and enjoy!

Candy Corn craft learning opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Once the pieces are all made they need to be strung up. Lacing the strong through the hole in each piece is great for practicing fine motor skills.


What colors are candy corn? This can be a fun way to practice colors with young toddlers. They, of course, may want to color their candy corn their own favorite colors!

Recognizing Patterns

The faces do follow a pattern! While young kids can’t spell yet they can work on recognizing the pattern and which face goes next. You can also print out or show them the image below of the completed banner and have them match up the letters or the pattern for the entire banner.

candy corn garland

Recognizing Emotions

I love these cute candy corn faces courtesy of Rainbow Sparkle Studios. They create the perfect opportunity for talking about emotions with your toddler or preschooler.

Printable Candy Corn Banner

Be sure to download your printable banner or garland! It’s best to print it on cardstock or print on paper and glue onto a piece of cardstock.

I like to print my stuff at FedEx office as I always seem to be out of ink and I can easily print it on cardstock there. I just print a few crafts at a time and it’s pretty inexpensive.

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Candy corn banner

Candy Corn Crafts for Preschoolers

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