Easy Kleenex ghost Halloween craft

Looking for easy Halloween decor and craft ideas? These friendly little ghosts are cute and so easy a toddler can make them!

Best of all, these quick Halloween crafts can be made from supplies you probably already have in your home!

They’re a perfect Halloween craft for preschoolers and even toddlers. School-age kids can enjoy them as well!

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This craft is definitely a throwback to when I was a kid. My aunt especially was the master of finding new craft ideas to entertain 5 young girls, I was the oldest of the 5 girl cousins. Even better if it didn’t require a trip to the store first.

Out of that came these cute kleenex ghosts. We’d hang them all over. Since we live in Southern California where it rarely rains we could even hang them outside!

Kleenex Ghost Supplies

You will need markers for this craft. Crayons or pencils will shred the kleenex. Markers with a thinner point may be slightly easier, but I’d use whatever you already have at home.

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How to make Kleenex Ghosts

1 – First, you’ll want to layout 1-2 Kleenex. One is generally plenty for these ghosts. Place a cotton ball in the center, you may need to use two if your cotton balls are very small. 

cottonball on kleenex

2 – Wrap the Kleenex around the cotton ball to create a head for your ghost.

make neck for kleenex ghost

3 – Tie your embroidery thread just below the cotton ball to create a neck.

Don’t have embroidery thread? You can use any type of string. Yarn, twine, even dental floss could work in a pinch!

Make the string extra long so that you have enough left over to create a loop to hang your ghost. Try to center the thread so that you have an even amount leftover on each side. 

kleenext ghost with orange sring

4 – Take your leftover ends of the thread and tie them into a knot to create a loop so your ghost now has a hanger.

kleenex ghost with hanger

5 – Use your markers to draw a fun, scary, happy, any type of face onto your ghost. This is what will really bring your little guy to life!

You can even glue on googly eyes, sequins, or other fun things. Just make sure to not use anything too heavy as these little guys are lightweight.

kleenex ghost

Kids of any age can help with the decorating. Give them some markers, googly eyes, anything they might want to put on their ghosts!

The hardest part is definitely tying the thread or string to create the neck and the hanger.

But, even your toddlers could help lay out the kleenex and add the cotton ball and you can just do a quick tie before setting them free to decorate.

These little guys will definitely liven up your house as part of your Halloween decor this year!

Display them anywhere you choose! I hung mine on a little Halloween tree. You could also attach them to a long string and hang them in a window.

If you live somewhere where it’s not going to rain or get too wet overnight you could even hang them outside in a tree just before Halloween!

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kleenex ghost tree

Thanks for sharing!

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