Glow in the dark Mummy craft

A mummy craft doesn’t have to be scary. You can easily make a cute mummy craft for younger kids to enjoy.

This glow in the dark mummy craft is simple and easy to make but tons of fun! Kids love the glow in the dark feature.

mummy craft plain and glowing

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My kids were super excited to try this one. I made up a test one first and they thought it was super cool. Next thing I knew my 6 year old was making her own template and wanting help with the tape part!

Luckily it’s an easy and quick craft that doesn’t take much work to clean up once you’re done.

Glowing Mummy Supplies

girl holding glowing mummy craft


1 – Print and cut out the mummy template.

2 – Trace around the template on a black piece of construction paper…or whatever color your kids want to use. My daughter insisted on using green.

mummy outline on black paper

We used a piece of chalk for tracing since it will show up on the dark paper easily.

Once you have it traced, cut it out.

3 – Add some eyes to your mummy. You can also choose to add them at the end.

4 – Now comes the fun part, adding the bandages. Cut the tape into various lengths and use them to cover the mummy.

mummy tape craft on table

You can leave some spaces showing like mine or cover the entire body like my 6 year old.

kids mummy craft on table

The tape we used has a peel and stick back. I had to help my kids peel the backing off the pieces as we went although they cut the pieces themselves.

5 – Charge it up and watch it glow!

mummy craft under light

The instruction on our tape was to charge it under light for 30 minutes and then it was ready to glow.

glow in the dark mummy craft
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glowing mummy on black background

Learning Opportunities

Cutting Skills

Whichever type of glow in the dark tape you use it will need to be cut into strips. This can be a great opportunity for littles to practice their cutting skills.

For older kids they can cut out the mummy templates as well!

Fine Motor Skills

Placing the tape on the mummy template is also great for working on those fine motor skills.

Mummy Craft Template

Click the button below to download the one page PDF mummy template. This will give you an outline to trace onto your construction paper.

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