Halloween Witch Hat Counting Activity {Free Printable Game}

Halloween is a great time for spooky fun. It’s also a great time to mix in some fun, themed learning activities for your young kids.

This fun witch hat counting activity will help work on the concept of the numbers 1-10. It will be helpful if they already know how to count to ten but if not, they may just need a little extra help.

Kids will love the bright colors and fun witch hat, that’s why learning through play is so fun!

witch hat counting game

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While my 3 year old has been counting for a while, understanding what the word two, etc actually means is still a concept we’re working on.

This easy Halloween counting activity is the perfect way for us to practice while having some fun together. Like most games intended for young kids it will take quite a bit of adult or older sibling interaction as well.

How to Play

1 – Download the files below. Print out the game board, playing cards, and star playing pieces.

2 – Cut out the cards and the stars. Laminate the pieces if you want to play with it for a long time or if you’re using it in a classroom. This will make it last without getting crumpled or ripped.

I have this Crenova laminator and it works great!

3 – Place the large hat flat on the table or floor. Turn the card pieces so they’re all face down either in a stack or spread out. The stars can be kept in a bowl or a small pile.

4 – Flip over one card. Count the number of stars. Count out the same number of star pieces and place them on the witch hat.

5 – Clear the stars and put the card in a discard pile. Choose another card and repeat. Continue until you’ve done all the cards numbers 1-10.

Learning Opportunities


This halloween counting activity is great for helping your child develop their counting skills. By counting objects while they say the numbers it helps them understand the meaning behind what they’re saying.

Two isn’t just a word that comes after one but is connected to the idea of the two objects, stars in the this case.

Number Sense

These types of activities can help lay a foundation for your child’s number sense. Seeing numbers in different ways can help with this. I also encourage you to do the cards out of order to change things up and encourage them to actually count or focus on the number that is chosen.

More or Less

Need a new way to play and a new challenge? Print out two sets and put 7 stars on one hat and 4 on another. Help your child figure out which hat has more, which has less? For older kids with a good grasp on numbers you could also do some basic addition of the two sets of stars.

As always keep it fun. Keep it as a game so that your kids barely realize that they’re learning! That’s usually the best way to get and keep their attention.

Printable Witch Hat Counting Game

This activity prints on 5 pages size 8.5 x 11″. One page on instructions, one game board, 2 pages of cards, and 1 page of stars.

I recommend printing them on cardstock if possible or laminating the pieces so that they’ll hold up a bit better.

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Halloween Counting Worksheets

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