25 Amazing Homeschool Preschool ideas

Homeschool Preschool Activities

No matter why you’ve decided to do preschool at home or want to supplement their learning at home you may feel overwhelmed at trying to figure out what exactly to do.

What should your kids be learning? What sort of schedule should you keep? What activities can you do to teach these various skills?

That’s why I’ve gathered these 25 amazing ideas for preschool at home to help you come up with homeschool preschool activities for your child. We’ll also cover schedule ideas and a list of things your child should be learning at preschool age.

Just remember that every child is different so you will need to adapt things to your child’s learning style and where they are at developmentally.

homeschool preschool activities

Homeschool Preschool Lessons/Curriculum

Preschool age is definitely a time when the focus is play rather than academics. Kids actually learn a lot of important skills through simple open-ended play.

However, there are some things kids will ideally know by the time they finish preschool…and only some of them are academic! These include:

  • How to wait their turn
  • How to sit quietly for short periods of time
  • How to put on their own shoes
  • How to put on/take off their own coat
  • How to use the restroom independently
  • How to wash their hands properly
  • How to cover their cough/sneeze
  • Recognize their own name
  • Recognize letters A-Z
  • Recognize numbers 1-20
  • Count to 20
  • Basic cut/paste skills
  • Basic Shapes
  • Basic Colors
  • Sort/Classify items in various ways
  • Fine motor skills (important for later writing)
  • Gross motor skills

Homeschool Preschool Schedule

These schedules are just a place to start! Definitely edit it based on your own kids & lifestyle. This is your child’s first introduction to learning so you want to keep it fun!

Some days they may be more interested and other days you may have to cut learning time short if they’re just not into it.

Keep learning times short and work learning into other activities whenever you can so they feel more like play than actual learning. For instance, an art project or sensory bin are both great ways to sneak in a little extra learning.

My 3-year-olds current favorite activity is to make a “project”. She gets a piece of paper and cuts, colors, and glues it into whatever she wants. To her, it’s just fun but she’s also working on her cutting and gluing skills at the same time…and learning to clean up her mess afterward!

Click the button under the image to print the sample schedule and your own blank copy.

homeschool preschool schedule

Homeschool Preschool Ideas & Activities

When I went to put this together I thought it would be easy to find 25 ideas that I thought were good and could consider using with my own preschool age child…I was wrong. It actually took me quite a while to sift through things and settle on these 25 homeschool preschool ideas.

They cover a wide variety of learning categories and I’ve grouped some together into categories where appropriate.

Name Games

Your child may not leave preschool being able to write their name by themself, but they should at least be able to recognize their name. Here are ideas for working on learning their own name.

Learning Letters

Eventually, you'll child will learn to read and write. That all starts with letter recognition and learning the sounds that they make!

Counting and Number Recognition

Another important skill is counting, and eventually number recognition. Although, counting and understanding the concept of a number is more important than simply memorizing what each number looks like.


Sorting is another great skill for preschoolers. You can sort in lots of ways! By color, shape, size, category, etc.

Cutting/Scissor Skills

Kids should also know the basic of using scissors, as well as scissor safety. Be sure to get a left handed pair if your child happens to be a leftie.


Tracing is great for fine motor skills and it's also a pre-writing skill as they prepare to trace letters and eventually write them on their own!

Preschool Science

Science for preschoolers?! Sure! You can start introducing basic science skills to kids, they love to explore, discover, and learn about their world.

Additional Resources

Here are a few additional resources.

I hope this preschool schedule and activity list help you plan your very own homeschool preschool!

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homeschool preschool activities

Educational Activities for Preschoolers

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