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Number matching game for toddlers {printable}

Number recognition game

Need a quick game to kill time with your toddler or preschooler or an indoor activity for a rainy day? Put together this quick number matching game using post-it notes.

It’s perfect for some quick entertainment and beginning to build number recognition skills.

Number match game

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The ideal set up for this game is for you to set up the base on a wall or door across the room. This way your child will need to move back and forth across the room to match them which will help them to burn some energy!

For younger kids you may have to sit close by to help them make the post it’s stick.


Game play

Stage 1

Stage 1 is simple number matching. Set up numbered post-it notes in a line on a wall or door. We had to wrap ours as we had to use a door since the walls in our home are textured.

number matching game for toddlers

Now you’ll use a second set, preferable in a different color. Hand them to your child one at a time naming the number as you do. Have them go across and match it to the corresponding number.

We also did this same set up to work on recognizing her name. She wanted me to keep doing it for more words as well.

toddler number learning

Stage 2

The next set you use will have the numbers and the corresponding number of dots. Have your child help count the numbers, it’s great practice, before matching them.

number recognition activities for toddlers

Stage 3

For older kids, you can create a third set with the dots only. Help them count the dots then have them match them to the corresponding number.

I was actually surprised that my daughter who is almost 3 made it halfway through stage 2 before getting distracted!

Learning Opportunites

Number Recognition

Verbally give names to each post-it or card before your child goes to find it’s match.

For the cards with dots help them to count them and then name the number as well.

Keep it fun!

Remember to keep it fun! Toddlers and preschoolers are just starting to learn the concept of numbers and to recognize that there are symbols that represent certain numbers.

Playing games is a great way to introduce concepts in a pressure free way. If they get bored or give the wrong answer that’s ok! Don’t tell them that they’re wrong, just give the correct number name and count the dots correctly even if they don’t. It’s normal for them to skip numbers at this age!!!

Telling them they’re wrong can discourage learning and participation. Always keep it fun and let your child be your guide.

Have fun playing and learning with your kids! They’ll be increasing their number recognition skills in no time.

Post-it note number match

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  1. Thank you for this idea. I plan to use it immediately with my pre-school age grandchildren. They love the idea of things that stick!

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