Simple Beaded Christmas Tree Craft

You can’t go wrong with a classic Christmas tree craft for the holidays.

I love this one because it’s simple but super cute. You can keep it basic and use it as a preschool Christmas tree craft…or add some extra embellishments and make it with older kids.

Either way it’s super cute and you can add a hanger if you want to hang it on the Christmas tree.

beaded christmas tree craft on white background

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We love making holiday crafts all December long. We like a variety and I love this one because it doesn’t involve any glue or cutting!

Plus it’s simple enough that even my 4 year old can do much of it without direct help from me.

Beaded Christmas tree materials

pipe cleaner christmas tree materials


1 – Grab one pipe cleaner. I used green but since you’re covering it with beads you can really use any color you have on hand.

2 – Slide one bead onto the pipe cleaner and move it down towards one end.

pipe cleaner with one bead

Stop about 1/2″ from the end and bend the pipe cleaner so your beads don’t slide right off the other end.

3 – Now just keep adding those beads. You can use all green beads or mix in some colored beads to look like ornaments.

I personally love the one with colored beads and I used a 3 green, 1 color, 2 green, 1 color pattern on mine.

Keep adding until you only have around 1/2″ of pipe cleaner left.

triangle shape pipe cleaner with pony beads

4 – Take the two pipe cleaner ends and twist them together to secure the beads.

5 – Now use your fingers to pull the pipe cleaner out into a triangle shape.

6 – No tree is complete without a tree topper! Place one foam star sticker on the top of your tree. Then, flip the triangle tree over and place another sticker on the back lined up with the first.

green beaded christmas tree craft

Now those pointy pipe cleaner ends are covered and you won’t have a sticky star backing in the open.

multicolored beaded christmas tree

Stopping here is perfect if you’re using this as a Christmas tree craft for preschoolers.

However, if you’re doing this craft with older kids you can make it cuter by going one step farther.

7 – Grab a sparkly pipe cleaner, I used green but you could try out other colors as well.

Wrap one end around a side of the triangle towards the bottom. Then zig zag it across the triangle securing each section within the beads to help hide the crossings.

beaded christmas tree on white background

Voila, you have an adorable bead and pipe cleaner Christmas tree!

multicolor pipe cleaner christmas tree

Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Lacing the pony beads onto the pipe cleaner is a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills!

Visit the Christmas page for more fun holiday crafts & activities!

Pony bead Christmas craft

Thanks for sharing!

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