Mini pipe cleaner wreath ornaments {easy kid craft}

Wreath Ornament or Picture Frame Gift

These easy pipe cleaner wreaths are a fun craft for kids. They also make cute ornaments for your Christmas tree!

Each child can pick their favorite color to make the bow. With a little help, even toddlers and preschoolers can make these fun pipe cleaner ornaments.

pipe cleaner wreath ornament

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They also make great gifts for grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa will love a handmade ornament for their tree.

You can glue a photo or drawing inside the circle to make it an extra special keepsake.

Wreath Ornament Craft Supplies

  • 4-5 Green pipe cleaners in various shades
  • 2 pipe cleaners in a second color of your child’s choice (for the bow)
  • Mason jar or another round object to help make the circle
  • Optional: photo of your child or family

One of these pipe cleaner sets will give you plenty to work with. If you want to make more than a few wreaths you may need to buy extra dark green and light green pipe cleaners.

How to make a pipe cleaner wreath

1 – Take a dark green pipe cleaner. Using a mason jar or other circular object, wrap it around and twist the end. Slide it off to create your base circle.

pipe cleaner christmas craft

2 – Wrap a second pipe cleaner around the base. Repeat with 2-3 more in various shades of green until the wreath is as thick as you want.

pipe cleaner wreath

3 – Now it’s time to make the bow.

Choose a colored pipe cleaner, whatever color you want. Wrap it around your one finger. Then wrap around the finger next to it. Give the bottom a twist and you will have created a bow.

Trim the ends of the bow leaving .5-1inch on each end.

pipe cleaner bow

4 – Take a second pipe cleaner in the same color as your bow.

Wrap it around your wreath in several places. Wrap one end around the center of your bow to secure it to the wreath.

pipe cleaner wreaths

5 – Optional: Glue on small colored pom poms to create ornaments if desired.

Hang them on the tree as a fun homemade ornament.

pipe cleaner wreath ornament

Can younger kids make this craft?

They sure can. For younger kids I’d suggest creating the base circle for them. Then they can wrap the other pipe cleaners around.

When it comes time for the bow let them pick the color then make the bow for them.

Then, they can help wrap the colored pipe cleaner around before you secure the bow to the wreath.

Make it a gift!

Want to turn it into a fun gift? Use a photo of your child or a small drawing to create a fun keepsake.

Apply glue, (hot glue will work best), to the back of your wreath and quickly set it over top of the photo or drawing.

christmas wreath ornament keepsake

Let it dry for a minute and then trim the photo or drawing to the size of the wreath.

Thread a thin ribbon through the top of the pipe cleaners (or glue to the back of the photo) and tie the ends together to create a hanger.

Grandparents will love to receive one of these as a gift to hang on their tree!

Wreath Making learning opportunities

Fine motor skills

This craft is perfect for working on those fine motor skills as they wrap the pipe cleaners. They’ll be so proud of themselves when they accomplish it!

Visit the Christmas page for more fun holiday crafts & activities!

Yield: 1 wreath

Pipe cleaner wreath ornament

pipe cleaner wreath

Fun pipe cleaner wreath ornament craft. Also turn into a picture frame for a fun keepsake or gift.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 4-5 Green pipe cleaners in various shades
  • 2 pipe cleaners in a second color of your child's choice (for the bow)
  • Mason jar or another round object to help make the circle
  • Optional: Ribbon or string
  • Optional: Photo


  • Scissors
  • Optional: Glue Gun


  1. Use a glass or mason jar as a template to make a circle with one pipe cleaner. Twist the ends to complete.
  2. Take a second pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base.
  3. Repeat with 3-4 more pipe cleaners in various shades of green.
  4. Choose a colored pipe cleaner and create a bow by wrapping it around one finger and then wrapping it around the finger next to it. Twist the base then slide it off your fingers and you'll have a bow.
  5. Clip the ends to the desired length.
  6. Grab another pipe cleaner in the same color. Wrap around your wreath and then wrap the ends around the bow to affix it to the wreath.
  7. Your done unless you want to turn it into an ornament!
  8. To turn it into an ornament select a photo. You'll want one where the image is pretty centered.
  9. Apply hot glue to the back of your wreath and then press it atop the photo. Hold for a minute or so until the glue begins to harden.
  10. Once the glue is dry, should only take a few minutes, cut away the outside part of the photo.
  11. Thread a ribbon through the top or glue it to the back of the photo to create a hanger and you'll have a cute keepsake or gift for grandparents.

Pipe cleaner wreath craft

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