Learning the four seasons {worksheets & activities}

How to introduce seasons to preschoolers

Learning about the seasons can be a fun activity for kids.

You can create an entire learning module out of it or just do a few activites as easy learning activities to keep your kids entertained screen free.

Keep reading for fun ideas and 2 different sets of worksheets to help with your four seasons learning.

four seasons activities for kids

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1. Read books

Books are great learning tools for kids! They can be educational without feeling like learning.

Tap the Magic Tree

Our favorite seasons related book at my house is “Tap the Magic Tree“. We have been reading this book forever and we all still enjoy it. The book is interactive, but without flaps and such that get broken after a few reads.

Tap the magic tree book

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Read the book and then create your own tree for each season.

Visit the Tap the Magic tree activity page to get the worksheets and more info on this activity.

The Weather Girls

This fun book is full of rhymes and activities that these girls do in each season.

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When you’re done reading talk with your child about their favorite, and your favorite, things to do in each season!

Hello World!, Weather

There are actually many books in the Hello World series. This is a simple book which focuses more on what to wear in each season rather than facts about seasons and weather itself.

Talking about what clothes kids should wear for each season can help them to start applying the knowledge they’ve learned about weather.

Ask them, do you remember what the weather is like in the Winter? Right, it’s cold. Should you wear a jacket or a dress in winter?

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This book is a perfect tie-in for our next set of weather activity sheets, Four Seasons Clothing worksheets.

2. Four Seasons Clothing Activity

In this activity, kids will match up the correct clothing to the season. You’ll need to print the the 5 page pdf. You can print in on regular paper. To make it last longer you can laminate it or print it on cardstock. You will probably want to print the clothing sheet in color to make them easier to identify.

This is my favorite at home laminator.

Once you’ve printed out all the pages cut apart all the clothing images. Then have them match the clothing to the proper season. There are 4 pieces of clothing for each season.

4 seasons clothing

You can also talk about why you’d want to wear certain pieces of clothing for certain weather. For example, you may want to wear a rain coat in the spring in case it rains.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have much in the way of seasons you may have to improvise a bit. We live in southern california so we pretty much never need cold weather gear like snow boots.

The way the activity is designed the clothing is grouped by column from left to right: summer, spring, winter, fall. I’m a bit seasonally challenged so feel free to mix up the items to make them fit the seasons where you live or comment below with a suggestion for other gear for the seasons.

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3. Take a Nature Walk

Once you’ve learned about the seasons, grab the proper clothing and see it in action! Take a walk and look around to help determine what season it might be.

Kids could even collect items to take home and create their own season diorama on a piece of paper or in a shoe box.

4. Screen Time tie-ins

When you’re done with your nature walk, crafts, and activities you may want to tie a little screen time into your seasons learning as well.

There is a great episode of Sesame Street where each time Grover sneezes it changes the season. I believe it is Season 51, episode 9. Can you believe it’s been on the air that long? We are able to watch Sesame street with our HBO Max subscription.

Most of all, have fun learning about the seasons!

4 seasons clothes activity

four seasons activity for kids

Thanks for sharing!

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