“Tap the Magic Tree” Book Activity for preschoolers

Whether you’re planning some learning lessons surrounding the seasons or looking for activities to go along with the book “Tap the Magic Tree” this 4 seasons tree craft makes the perfect activity!

You can easily adapt the craft for preschoolers on up by changing how much detail you put into the tree decor for each season.

tap the magic tree activity

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Tap the Magic Tree” is a popular book at our house. It’s interactive as it prompts kids to do certain movements as the story moves along. It follows a tree through a year and the changing of the seasons.

It’s a must have book in your library and is also a great tie-in for learning about the seasons.

For this craft you’ll make four different trees, one to go along with each season. For younger kids they can keep it simple and just add different colored leaves for the different seasons.

For older kids, they can create an entire scene and add animals and draw in the sky if they want. There’s no one way to complete this craft so let your little artists get creative!


I used a 5/8 inch punch for my leaves and snowflakes. It looks like Michaels doesn’t carry the leaf one anymore but there are some similar ones on Amazon.


Prep Work

1 – Print the 4 templates. One each for spring, summer, fall, and winter. (Printable available below).

2 – Use a paper punch to make leaves from dark green, light green, red, orange, & yellow construction paper.

If you live somewhere with lots of leaves you may be able to punch actual leaves into the shapes or just cut them into small pieces.

3. Use a paper punch to make snowflakes from white and blue paper. You can also use glittery cardstock for some extra sparkles.

4. Optional: If you want to follow the “Tap the Magic tree” book more closely use markers to draw apples on the summer tree and flowers on the spring tree.

You can also use paper punches or stickers for the apples and flowers. I didn’t have any on hand so I just drew them with markers.

4 seasons tree craft

Make the Craft

Now you’re ready to make the trees. For younger kids they can take over from here. For older kids, they can help with the prep work above as well!

5. Spring tree – add green leaves to the tree that has flowers. Kids could also add birds, butterflies, or other spring creatures.

Spring tree

Summer tree – add green leaves to the tree with the apples. They may also want to draw a sun and clouds in the sky or a kid playing under the tree.

Summer tree

Fall tree – add red, orange, and yellow leaves on the tree as well as below the tree.

Fall tree

Winter tree – add snowflakes to the tree. They can actually put the snowflakes all over the page for some wintry weather. Draw a snowman below the tree if you want.

Winter tree

I found that the best way to add the leaves and snowflakes is to take a glue stick and cover the entire tree then push the leaves into the glue. Use a white glue stick, not the purple ones as you want the glue to dry completely clear.

Learning Opportunities

How things change with the season

Talk about what changes the tree goes through each season. Next time you are out for a walk look at the trees and try to figure out which season it might be. (This is easier if you leave in a place with traditional seasons.)

You can also talk about the weather that goes along with each of the seasons.

Activities/Clothing for each season

Talk about the activities you might do in each season and what type of clothes you might wear in each season.

For more fun learning about the seasons grab our seasons clothing sort activity.

4 Seasons Tree Printables

Print the 4 page PDF on regular paper or cardstock if you want a sturdier craft, regular paper really is fine for this one.

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of totschoolresources.com and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

Check out our post all about learning the seasons which includes a clothing sorting activity and more great ideas.

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tap the magic tree activity

Four Seasons Tree Activity

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