3D Mermaid Paper Craft {Printable template}

Looking for a fun mermaid craft for kids? They’ll love this 3D paper craft which allows them to create their own under the sea scene.

This is a great craft simply for kids who love mermaids or as part of an ocean or under the sea themed lesson. The mermaid can be attached or left free standing for some fun small world play. Grab your scissors and glue and get crafting!

mermaid craft

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Younger kids will definitely need help with this craft as it does involve cutting, folding and gluing. I will include guidelines for where the pieces should go but kiddos of course can add the characters anywhere they want to create their own special under the sea scene!

What you’ll need

mermaid craft supplies

  • 2 craft sheets printed on cardstock paper (1 background sheet, 1 character sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Transparent tape (clear Scotch tape or similar)
  • Transparent or white thread

How to create your mermaid scene

1 – Print out both template sheets on cardstock. If you print on regular paper pieces may not stand up and will have to attach the background sheet to something sturdier.

2 – Fold the background sheet in half (printed side out) using the solid middle line as a guide.

3 – Cut along the dotted lines on each side of the rectangle (2 cuts only). DO NOT CUT ACROSS THE TOP.

cut rectangle along dotted lines

4 – Fold the rectangle up using the solid line as a guide.

5 – Next, reverse the sheet and fold it with the printed side in. The rectangle section should pop up and look like a small step. You may need to press on the solid lines a bit to make them nice and sharp.

push rectangle through to create a step

6 – Fold the paper at the top along the solid line to create a top shelf. (You’ll attach part of the scenery there later.)

top edge folded down upon solid line

7 – Carefully cut out all the characters on the second page. (An adult will likely need to do this part.)

cutting out pieces from second sheet

8 – Gently apply glue to the front of the rectangle step. Then press the piece of large seaweed to the glue to attach it

apply glue and attach seaweed

9 – Attach thread of various lengths with tape to the seahorse, starfish, and fish. Tape the other end to the underside of the top shelf piece. Adjust the length of the string as needed.

seahorse attached with string

10 – Fold the base of the palm tree along the solid line to create a stand. Glue the stand part to the top shelf.

attaching palm tree to top with glue

11 – Glue the turtle to the base of the palm tree.

attached turtle to base of palm tree

12 – Last, fold the base of the mermaid along the solid line. You can glue her in a permanent place of your choice or leave her free-standing for some small world play.

completed mermaid scene on table

Adjust as needed to make sure the balance is right so your 3D mermaid scene can stand upright.

Printable Mermaid Craft Template

Print both pages on 8.5″x11″ cardstock paper. They need to be printed on thicker cardstock or they will not stand up.

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I hope you have fun creating your own mermaid scene!

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mermaid paper craft

Easy mermaid craft for kids

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