Easy Bunny Butt Easter Craft for Toddlers

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

Who can resist a cute Easter bunny craft?! This paper plate Easter craft is simple and easy enough for a toddler to make. It’s a perfect Easter craft for preschool, daycare, or church. It takes just a few inexpensive supplies that you probably already have at home, or can be picked up at the dollar store, and you’ll have a perfect Easter bunny craft for kids.

Easter bunny craft

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There’s just something special about Easter and springtime crafts. I’m not sure if it’s the colors or just all the cute bunnies that do it for me. You could also make just the feet part of this craft if you want to leave a trail of Easter Bunny feet for your kids on Easter morning. I’d certainly expect the Easter Bunny to leave some glittery footprints behind!

If you hate glitter, don’t worry, there’s an easy work around.

This craft is also great if you’re reading “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”. This little bunny butt paper plate craft is a perfect activity to do along with the book.

Supplies for Toddler Easter Bunny Craft:

How to make a Bunny Butt Easter Craft:

Step 1: Draw a bunny foot onto the center of two paper plates and cut out with scissors.

paper plate easter bunny craft

Step 2: Draw 4 ovals onto the bunny feet with glue, 3 on the toes and 1 on the pad of the foot. 

Easter bunny foot

Step 3: Apply your favorite color of glitter to the glue and shake off any excess onto another paper plate.

If you hate glitter, simply cut out 1 large oval and 3 small ovals from a piece of colored paper and glue them onto your rabbit foot.

Easter glitter crafts

Step 4: Carefully glue the bunny feet onto the bottom part of a full paper plate with the feet facing downward.

Paper plate easter craft

Step 5: Apply a circle of glue to the center of the plate above the feet and stick 6 cotton balls on to create a cute bunny tail.

peter cottontail crafts

Step 6: Let it dry. Then show off your masterpiece!

easy easter bunny craft
bunny paper plate craft

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

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