Easy Chicken Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll animal crafts are the perfect way to upcycle an old paper tube. In this case we used them to make an easy chicken toilet paper roll craft. It can be an Easter chick at easter time or works great as part of farm animal series too.

Heck, you can make them anytime you just need a quick and easy craft and have some extra yellow feathers around. It’s a simple craft to do which makes it perfect for toddlers on up. Once ours were made we used them as part of this fun feeding chickens sensory bin.

chicken craft

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There’s just something fun about chickens. They are rarely seen as particularly smart animals but they are often used as silly mascots and are an animal that most kids will recognize. Plus this craft is bright and cheerful since we made traditional yellow chickens. You could also make them in other colors if your child has met a chicken that isn’t the traditional yellow we see most often on TV.

Give it a try if you’re looking for a fun Easter craft or just an easy craft for your kids. It takes just a few items that you could grab at the dollar store if you don’t already have them at home.

Chicken Craft Supplies

I’ve heard there are some people that find the thought of using toilet paper rolls for crafting to be gross so if that’s the case you can purchase some craft tubes or cut a paper towel tube in half instead.

Tip: If you have trouble finding yellow feathers you could also use a feather boa and just cut off a few feathers. We only used 3 for each chicken.

How to make the Chicken Craft

1 – The first thing you need to do is make that toilet paper roll, or craft tube, yellow. The easiest way to do this is going to be with paint. I used two thin coats to get a nice yellow.

Depending on how messy you want to get and your child’s attention span for making crafts they can help with the painting part as well. I opted to get that done ahead of time.

In a pinch, you could color the tube yellow with a marker but I imagine it will take much longer than the paint.

2 – Once the paint is mostly dry it’s time to make your chicken. First glue two googly eyes onto the chicken in whichever colors you want.

3 – Cut a triangle out of the orange construction paper for the beak. The easiest way is to just cut off the corner, that way you only have to make one cut.

For toddlers and preschool-age kids, I’ve found a paintbrush is the easiest way for them to spread the glue. They can also use their finger if they’re willing, but my daughter doesn’t like to get her hands dirty most days.

Paint the glue all over the back of the orange triangle and place it under the eyes to make a beak for your chicken.

4 – Now it’s time to add some feathers. We used three feathers per chicken. One on each side to give the chicken wings and one on the back so each chicken would have some hair sticking up. They can certainly use more if they want a fluffier chicken.

To attach the feathers simply drag the bottom part of the feather through some glue and then stick onto the tube. Make sure to use a generous amount of glue so they’ll stick.

Let them dry and you’re ready to play with them, display them, or use them in a sensory bin like we did.

easter chick craft

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Chicken toilet roll craft

Easter Chick Craft

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