Summer Bingo Game for kids {free printable cards)

Summer is here which means it’s time for another fun, themed Bingo game. This time I’ve got a cute printable Summer Bingo game complete with 6 different playing cards.

Bingo is a perfect game for older toddlers and preschool age kids. It’s simple to play and the games go quickly, before they lose interest.

Summer Bingo game printable

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From flip flops, to pool parties, to beach time fun these Summer Fun Bingo cards are full of images of summertime fun!

How to play

Summer Bingo is a very low prep activity. Download the game and print on cardstock preferably but regular paper will work too.

If you can laminate the game, this laminator is my favorite. That way you can play again and again without the cards getting bent up.

You will need a pair of scissors to cut out the calling cards and you’ll need a pencil, pen, crayon, etc to cross out items on your card once they are called.

If you laminate the cards you can also use dry erase markers to cross off the squares. (This is great for kids to work on their fine motor skills.)

You can also grab a set of Bingo chips to use with any bingo cards. Bingo chips work great for these games and you can use them for every version of Bingo! You’ll just want to supervise your toddlers and preschoolers closely with these as they can be a choking hazard.

How to play Summer Bingo

I think most of us have probably played Bingo at some point but here’s a quick refresher on how to play if you need it.

1 – Each player takes a playing card. This set includes 6 different cards so if you have more than 6 players some people will have the same card. Go ahead and have everyone mark their free spot.

2 – Place the calling cards upside down in a stack or pile. You can also place them in a plastic bucket or bin.

3 – You can elect someone to be the “caller” or take turns. The caller picks out one of the calling cards and shows it to the group. Using a pencil or bingo marker cross off or cover that item on your board.

4 – When someone completes one row, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal they yell out Bingo. You can continue to play until 2-3 people have won or start a new game every time someone gets a Bingo.

You can also play until Blackout (when someone covers all the pictures on their card).

Summer bingo game cards

Printable Summer Bingo Cards

This set of Bingo Cards is a five page PDF printable. There are 6 variations of the Bingo card and one page of calling cards. Before you play you’ll need to cut out the 15 calling cards and cut apart the Bingo cards as they will print out two to a page.

I recommend printing them on cardstock if you want to use them more them once, especially if you’re playing with young kids. You can also laminate them so they don’t get bent or spilled on.

I use this laminator at home. It’s easy to use and works perfectly along with my big pack of laminating sheets.

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Summer Bingo game

Summer Bingo for kids

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