Peek-a-boo heart DIY Valentines card

If you need an easy Valentines craft or want to help your child make a Valentine’s Day card for dad, mom, or grandparents this peek-a-boo heart card is a fun and easy choice! All you’ll need is cardstock, washi tape or crafting tape, a glue stick, and our heart card template.

This Valentine’s Day card craft is easy enough that a toddler or preschooler can do it with a little help. There’s no paint involved so it’s also pretty mess free.

peek-a-boo heart card

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My 4-year-old loved making this card. She was able to do almost all the work herself with only a little help from me. I was actually impressed as I expected to have to offer more assistance.

Card making supplies

Valentines heart card craft supplies

How to make a Valentine’s Day Card

1 – Before you get started you’ll need to print the template. I recommend printing it on white or pink cardstock if possible. You can use regular paper but it won’t look as nice.

2 – Once you have your template printed out cut down the center of the page with two hearts. You only need one of these half sheets to make a card.

I recommend trimming it down slightly so it doesn’t stick out of your finished card.

3 – Take the sheet with only one hard and use a knife or the sharp edge of the scissors to cut an X in the paper.

Then carefully use your scissors to cut out the inside of the heart.

heart card template

This will create your peek-a-boo window. I left the black outline on my card but you can also cut around the outer edge of the heart so there will be no outline.

4 – Fold the paper in half creating the card and set it aside for later.

5 – Take your half sheet and cover the entire heart with strips of washi tape or crafting tape.

I used some crafting tape I got at Michaels but I know washi tape is also very popular.

heart covered with washi tape

You can cut each piece full length like I did or cut them in various lengths like my preschooler chose. Just make sure you cover up all the white space and the black outline with tape.

6 – Once the heart is covered to your liking you are ready to create your peek-a-boo card.

Open the folded card and spread glue all over the inner side that has the heart cutout.

(If you get glue on the other side while doing this make sure you leave your card open until it dries or your card will be glued shut!)

glue stick on white heart card

7 – Carefully line up your half sheet over the glued area with the heart facing down. Then gently press it into place.

When you turn the card back over you should have a cute heart showing through your peek-a-boo window.

Washi tape Valentine's Day card

8 – Finish your card by writing a cute message inside and having your child write their name. Then it’s ready to give as a cute DIY card come Valentine’s Day!

Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

This is a great craft for kids to practice those fine motor skills. For preschoolers they can probably pull the tape out to the right length themselves and press it onto the heart template.

For toddlers, you will likely need to cut the strips for them and they need a little help placing them.

preschooler making Valentines card

Scissor Skills

Scissor skills are an important one to work on with your child. I hadn’t expected it, but my 4-year-old was able to cut the strips of tape herself…and wanted to do it herself of course.

Just make sure you have some child-safe scissors and left-handed scissors if you have a lefty like I do!

Writing their name

Inside the card, you can write a short message and then let your child sign their name. Making a card for someone else is a great way to encourage them to practice writing.

For younger kids you may have to hold their hand and help them write it. For preschoolers you can write out their name as an example and help give them direction for how to copy it.

If your child is more advanced in writing you can let them write part of the message as well as their name.

DIY Valentine's Card preschooler made

Heart Card Template

This heart card template prints on 8.5″x11″ paper. I recommend printing it on white or pink cardstock but you can use regular paper as well.

The PDF file includes 2 pages. If you print 2 copies of the first page and 1 copy of the second page you can make 2 complete cards.

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

I hope you enjoy making and gifting this DIY Valentine’s Day card!

We’d love to see your creations. Tag them on Instagram @totschoolresources.

diy valentines card

Washi Tape Valentine Card

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