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Fun Letter of the Week Printable Curriculum (for preschoolers)

Looking for No Prep Activities for your kids?

Need easy Preschool Curriculum to use at home?

Tired of seeing your child staring at the tablet or TV?

boy using a tablet

Then you need to grab these easy to use A-Z worksheets to teach your child the alphabet. Get your kids learning with fun screen-free activities.

alphabet learning worksheets

Letter Recognition is an important skill for kids to learn before they head off to Kindergarten. 

But…it can be a lot of work planning weekly learning activities at home.

That’s where these alphabet learning worksheets come in.

  • Each week you’ll have your at-home learning ready to go.
  • No more spending hours searching all over the internet each week to find the necessary worksheets.
  • Print again and again or laminate tracing worksheets for easy re-use.
  • Grab & Go, no prep work required.
  • You and your kids will love the fun and consistent activities week after week.

The whole set is yours for just $17!

Letter of the week set

Your child will begin learning the important skill of letter recognition in a fun, screen free way. They’ll also be building their vocabulary with three fun words every week.

You’ll get to feel like a supermom and all you’ll have to do is reach for that week’s set of cute worksheets!

With 26 weeks of at home learning ready to go you’ll save time and stress. These worksheets will give you 6 months of homeschool preschool curriculum at less than 0.75 cents per week!

What’s included in each
Letter of the Week set?

letter of the week worksheets

Each week includes 5 printable pages:

  1. Big letter with 3 images
  2. One letter tracing worksheet (includes lowercase and uppercase letters)
  3. One trace the word worksheet with images
  4. Find the Letter Dab-A-Dot Sheet (includes lowercase and uppercase letters)
  5. Dab-A-Dot or Color by Number worksheet of one of the week’s words.

No Prep * Educational * Fun * Screen Free

Letter of the week letter A board

Are you ready to hit the easy button on at home learning? Are you ready to reduce your kids screen time? Then grab your Letter of the week worksheets today! Your kids will love them.

Letter F learning worksheets

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