4th of July Windsock {Patriotic Windsock craft}

Summer is the perfect time to craft some outdoor decorations with your kids. These DIY patriotic windsocks are perfect for the 4th of July or any summer picnic.

Grab your toilet paper rolls and some ribbon and let’s get crafting!

Red white and blue windsock on white wood background

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This 4th of July windsocks are super cute and whimsical. The tubes and decorated to resemble the American flag and the ribbons add a cute touch.


  • Red and blue paint or markers for a less mess option
  • Patriotic ribbons in several colors/designs
  • white paint or star stickers
  • glue
  • white toilet paper tubes

You will want white toilet paper rolls for this craft! We use Costco toilet paper at my house which happens to have white tubes but you can also purchase a pack of white craft tubes.

If you use the brown ones it will be hard to get the white stripes.

How to make a 4th of July windsock craft

1 – Start by decorating the toilet paper roll. You may want to use a pencil to lightly draw a guide, especially if you’re using paint.

toilet roll with flag outline

Paint or color the top portion of the craft tube blue. Then, add stripes to the lower portion, alternating between red and white. You will need an odd number of stripes for the pattern to work.

red marker drawing stripes

2 – If you painted your toilet roll you’ll need to let it dry completely before moving on.

Now add either white dots or stars using stickers to the blue portion.

american flag toilet roll tube

3 – Cut a short piece of ribbon and attach it to the blue side. Glue it to the inside on both sides to create a handle or hanger for your windsock.

USA flag toilet tube with red ribbon

4 – Finally, cut strips of ribbon for the bottom. Try using different patterns and different lengths. Use glue to attach each to the bottom of the toilet tube.

4th of july toilet roll windsock

5 – Let the glue dry completely then hang it up and enjoy.

Visit our Patriotic Crafts page for more fun ideas!

4th of july windsock in bush
4th of July windsock in tree

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