Habitat & Animal Learning Set for kids

Animal unit studies are an exciting and engaging way to introduce children to the world of science and nature. By studying different types of animals, children can start to develop a deeper understanding of our world. Plus kids love animals!

Animal unit studies can be tailored to fit the age and learning style of the child, and can be integrated into a wide range of subjects, from biology to geography!

Our animal unit worksheet set is suitable for kindergarten through early elementary. It covers 5 habitats and 30 different animals! I used it for a homeschool animal unit study for kindergarten but you could use it in a classroom as well.

Grab the full Habitats & Animals Worksheet set now or read on for more information.

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Story about our experience with the craft or a good use for it

5 Main Habitats

In our habitat study we covered 5 of the main habitats in the world:

  • Tropical Forests
  • Deserts
  • Polar Regions
  • Oceans
  • Grasslands

Most habitats are found in multiple parts of the world. You can use our worksheets, look up videos, read books, or use a globe to check out where different habitats occur.

Learn special things about that habitat such as what kind of weather it has and what type of vegetation (plants) occur there. This will largely depend on the weather!


After we learned the basics of a habitat we learned about specific animals that live in that region. You can learn about various animals using our worksheet set, videos, books, or even a trip to the zoo!

The worksheet set includes 6 animals for each habitat. We discuss things like how big they are, what they like to eat, and unique characteristics of that animal.

My daughters favorite animal fact was learning that a group of Narwhals is called “a blessing”. She also enjoyed crawling around occasionally reenacting how an animal moves or lives.

Mapping Animals (Geography)

An animal study is a great opportunity to learn about geography, even for kindergarten age kids!

Each of our worksheets includes a map showing where a certain habitat exists or an animal lives. The set also includes small animal pictures that can be cut out and taped on a wall map in the correct area.

You will need to get a wall map like this one.

We used this to talk about the names of the different continents and sometimes countries as well.

You could also print out blank maps and have kids color in the correct areas for a habitat or animal.

mapping animals on world map

Extra Learning (Review & More)

If you’re using this animal study in a classroom or need work samples for a homeschool program you can do little tests or games to review the information.

You could create a worksheet with questions, have them place animals on the map, label the world oceans, etc.

A fun game can be a great way to review as well. You can download the Animal Habitat Sorting game from our worksheet set for free here.

animal habitat sort game

There’s a worksheet for each animal and animal cards. Simply print, cut out the animal cards, and have kids match the cards to the correct habitat. (If you use the game without the rest of our unit study you may need to make some cards of your own based on what animals you study as they may be different from the cards I’ve included.)

Animal Arts & Crafts

Create extra fun in your animal learning by including some arts and crafts! You can find specific animal crafts or make your own habitat dioramas for each habitat!

It can be a great way to wrap up one habitat before moving on to the next one.

What’s included in our Habitat & Animals set

Each habitat set includes:
1 intro page about the habitat with world map showing the habitat
6 animal information pages with a map showing where they live
A quiz page for each animal (if needed for homework or work samples).
1 page of animal pictures to place on a world map
1 page of animal squares to use with various games
1 unique learning activity for that habitat

Extra learning:
Animal habitat sorting or habitat matching game. Gather all the animal cards and match them to the correct habitat (there’s a worksheet for each).
Animal diet game. Use the animal card games and place each in the correct category: carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore.

Animal Unit Study

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