10 Best Tree Books {for preschoolers}

Trees are such an exciting subject for young kids. Whether you’re just looking for a fun book to add to your library, exploring nature, or planning a tree study lesson these ten books about trees are worth checking out!

The first two are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers and the rest are great for preschoolers but may be a bit long for toddlers. These are beautiful picture books that will help your kids or students learn to appreciate the beauty and importance of trees.

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You may be able to find many of these great tree themed books at your local library and I’ve also included links to find them on Amazon, Target, or Barnes & Nobles for ones Target didn’t carry. Keep an eye out for the buy 2 get 1 free sales they often run on kids books.

Once you’ve read these book and have your kids excited about trees and nature be sure to check out these fun nature crafts.

1 – Tap the Magic Tree

Tap the magic tree book
Tap the Magic Tree” by Christie Matheson

Tap the Magic Tree” is a fun and interactive book for young children. It’s one of our favorite books. Each page has an action to do as you read about a tree transforming through the different seasons.

Throughout the book your child will be invited to tap, rub, touch, and wiggle the pictures to make an apple tree bloom, produce fruit, and lose its leaves.

Need a fun craft tie-in. Check out these seasonal trees with template that will go perfectly with this story.

2 – Tree: A Peek-Through picture book

Tree a peek through picture book cover
Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book” by Britta Teckentrup

This is another simple picture book about trees. “Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book” explores all the animals that call the trees home.

Each page you turn unveils a new animal that will be fun for young kids to discover.

3 – Be A Tree!

Be a tree book cover
Be A Tree!” by Maria Gianferrari

Be A Tree!” is a sweet story that will help kids learn about trees. The beautiful pictures go along with a story that will help kids learn about trees by comparing them to common things kids can recognize like the human body.

4 – Tree Full of Wonder

tree of wonder book cover
Tree Full of Wonder” by Anna Smithers

The fun rhyming text in “Tree Full of Wonder” will help kids understand why trees are important and what we can do to protect them.

Kids will also learn about 12 different types of trees that they can find in the book.

5 – The Leaves on the Trees

the leaves on the trees book cover
The Leaves on the Trees” by Thom Wiley

The Leaves on the Trees” uses words to the same rhythm as The Wheels on the Bus to teach kids about how trees change in the fall.

I love books that use the trick of setting new words to a common nursery rhyme!

6 – Trees make perfect pets

trees make perfect pets book cover
Trees make perfect pets” by Paul Czajak

In the cute book “Trees make perfect pets” Abagail has to defend her choice to have a trees as a pet. She shares all the great things about having a tree.

Perhaps it will inspire your kids to adopt and name a tree of their own!

7 – A Tree Grows Up

a tree grows up book cover
A Tree Grows Up” by Marfe Delano

While “A Tree Grows Up” does focus on what goes on around a tree once it’s grown it’s main focus it how a tree grows so big. Kids will learn how even a big tree starts from a tiny seed and what happens to it as they grow.

8 – The boy who grew a forest

the boy who grew a forest book cover
The Boy who grew a Forest” by Sophia Gholz

The Boy who grew a Forest” is based on the true story of a young boy in India who started planting trees when he noticed the problems caused by deforestation and erosion.

This is a great book for teaching kids about the importance of trees and the change even kids can make in their world.

9 – Tall, Tall, Tree

Tall Tall tree book cover
Tall Tall Tree” by Anthony Fredericks

The Redwood Forests in California are truly amazing. “Tall Tall Tree” uses counting to help kids learn about these very tall trees and the animals that call these forests home.

The book also includes activities to help engage your kids after reading it.

10 – A Tree is a plant

A tree is a plant book cover
A Plant is a Tree” by Clyde Robert Bulla

A Tree is a Plant” is actually a nonfiction book. It follows an apple tree through it’s life in ways that young kids can understand. They’ll also learn about things like how trees “eat” and other basic science facts about trees.

The book includes activities to help kids learn more about trees as well.

Learning Opportunities

Any of these tree-themed books are great opportunities to start teaching your kids about trees, ecosystems, the environment, and how they can protect it.

Some just talk simply about trees and others will help them start learning about the tree life cycle and changing seasons.

Once you’ve read some tree books get outside and when you’re on a walk ask if they notice anything from the books you’ve been reading.

They can also use their knowledge to create one of these fun tree crafts!

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