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Easy Bald Eagle Craft {printable eagle template}

The bald eagle is a beautiful bird and a fun craft to make with kids.

You can use this craft as part of an animal study, for learning about the United States of America (it’s the national bird), or as part of a Fourth of July celebration.

bald eagle paper bag craft on table

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We made this eagle craft as a paper bag bald eagle but you could simply make a paper craft as well, the printable template will work for either one.

My youngest especially loved this one as she could run around with it on her hand and make the wings flap!

This bald eagle is simple to make so it’s preschooler friendly!


Don’t have paper bags? You can cut a quick body shape out of brown construction paper and attach the pieces to that instead.

The star stickers are optional but will give a festive air, perfect if you’re making this for the 4th of July. You may also like our cut and paste flag craft if you’re looking for a patriotic craft.

4th of july eagle craft on table

How to make a bald eagle craft

1 – Print out the bald eagle template and color the pieces.

You only need to color the wings brown and the beak yellow or orange. You can leave the head and tail white or go over them with a white crayon if you like.

bald eagle craft templates on table

2 – Carefully cut out all the pieces.

Depending on the age of the kids you’re making this craft with they may be able to cut the pieces out themselves and work on their cutting skills.

These pieces have a lot of curves so I cut them out for my 4 year old but my 6 year old was able to cut hers out herself.

bald eagle craft pieces on table

3 – Now it’s time to attach the pieces.

Starting at the top, glue the head to the flap of your brown paper bag. Glue the beak onto the head.

eagle head attached to paper bag

Add eyes by drawing them on by using googly eyes. My 4 year old loves googly eyes. She actually glued hers on before we cut the pieces out so her eyes and beak became one piece.

4 – Add the wings and tail.

Flip your bag over to attach the wings and tail to the backside of the bag.

Be sure to attach the wings with the colored side facing forward.

attaching wings to eagle craft
attaching tail to eagle craft

If kids want to get more creative they could trace their handprint and cut it out to make a more original tail for their eagle.

4 – Make your eagle patriotic

If desired, attach an American flag or stick red, white, and blue stars over the body portion of your bald eagle.

bald eagle craft with stars

6 – Once the glue dries you can gently slide your hand inside the bag and you’ll have your own beaver paper bag puppet!

These are the three that I made with my two kids, ages 6 and 4.

collage image of 3 bald eagle crafts

Bald Eagle Facts for kids

Big bird

The bald eagle is the third largest eagle in the world.

They can weigh up to 17 pounds and have wingspan of 8.2 feet.

Why “bald” eagle

No, the bald eagle isn’t actually bald. The bald part of it’s name comes from the old English word balde which means white.

Symbol of the United States

The Bald Eagle became the national animal of the United States of America in 1782. It appears on many documents and government buildings.

Free Eagle Craft template

image of eagle craft template

This is a simple two page PDF printable. One page has the head and tail and the other contains the wings and beak.

I printed ours on regular paper which works well as the wings can move up and down.

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For more paper bag puppet fun give our Paper Bag Beaver Craft a try!

Thanks for sharing!

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