Peek-a-boo Shamrock Craft {St. Patrick’s Day Paper Plate Craft}

If it’s March then it’s time for some fun St. Patrick’s Themed crafts for kids. This Peek-a-boo shamrock craft is fun & easy, and doesn’t even use glue.

Warning…there is glitter ahead…so if you don’t care for glitter turn back now.

4 image collage of st patrick's day shamrock craft

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My kids has a great time making this craft. You can keep it quick and simple, or let kids spend time adding their own flair to it at the end.


shamrock paper plate craft supplies

We used label paper but you could also use contact paper or any kind of paper that is sticky on one side.

An old roll of drawer liner paper will work too, the design won’t show as it will get covered up.

And, if you don’t have any of that, you could use a piece of white paper and glue instead, it will just be messier and take a bit longer.


1 – Trace & Cut the Shamrock

To get started cut out a shamrock template that will fit in the middle of your paper plate.

Trace around it lightly with a pencil and then cut it out.

white paper plate with shamrock shape

Cutting it out is the most challenging part of the this craft. You can cut an X in the center to get started and then cut it out. Kid scissors or needle nose scissors actually work better.

My 7 year old was able to cut hers out ok but I cut out the shape for my 4 year old. If you are doing this with a kindergarten class you could cut the shamrocks into the plates ahead of time.

2 – Attach a piece of label paper

We avoided glue for this craft by using label paper. You’ll need either full page label paper of shipping labels (half page labels) which is what we used.

Cut the label so it’s a square a bit larger than your shamrock.

Peel the paper off and lay the label on a table, sticky side up, try not to touch the sticky as you don’t want to rub it off.

pressing paper plate onto label paper

Center the plate over the label and press down gently. Press all around the outline so the plate is sealed to the label. Then flip to the backside of the plate and press down any edges that are sticking out.

If you don’t have any sticky paper you can cut a white piece of paper slightly bigger than the shamrock, coat it with glue and then press the plate into that, it’s just going to be a bit messier and you will need to wait for it to dry.

3 – Glitter!

Now it’s time to glitter! You can use one color or several. If you use different sizes of glitter, start with the the larger glitter first and let the smaller stuff fill in.

hand shaking green glitter onto paper plate

Once the entire shamrock is covered in glitter you can gently shake the plate to spread out the glitter. You can also use your finger to gently press down although ours had no problems sticking.

After it’s all covered shake the plate over a trash can to get rid of the extra glitter.

4 – Decorate

You’re craft can be done after step 3 or you can make the project your own with some fun decorations.

Kids could draw a rainbow, add some St Patrick’s day stickers, use green buttons, gold coins, or use some shamrock tissue paper confetti (I found ours at Michaels), I also found some paper cutouts on Amazon.

For more themed fun check out our St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets.

Green Shamrock on white paper plate craft

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