9 Talk Like a Pirate day activities for kids

Whether you’re celebrating “Talk like a Pirate Day”, having a pirate themed kids party, or just planning some pirate themed fun you’ll love these 9 pirate filled activities for kids.

If you didn’t know, every September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day!

Some of these are geared towards the toddler, preschool, kindergarten crown, but some can be used with older kids as well.

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There are many ways to explore pirates with kids. These nine can be used with young kids at home or in the classroom.

1 – Make a pirate hat

Make a simple pirate hat out of paper. Print out your favorite design, have kids color it, then use a piece of yarn or ribbon to make it wearable. Think of it like a pirate crown.

Grab a printable template here.

2 – Get a pirate name

Get a pirate name! I’m sure you’ve seen games where you use the month and day you were born to come up with a fun themed name. This is no different.

Use the guide included in the activity pack in this post or do a simple search for other options.

Call each other only by those names and if you’re doing it with a class have the kids try to get their parents to call them by their pirate names for the day!

3 – Learn to talk like a pirate

It is called “talk like a pirate day” so learning some pirate lingo is a must-do. Here are a few fun phrases kids can learn:

Ahoy! = Hello!
Matey = friend
Weigh anchor = raise the anchor
Landlubber = Someone who stays on land

Avast! = Stop!
Doubloons = gold coins, pirate money
Scallywag = someone who is up to mischief
Shiver me timbers = oh my goodness

4 – Pirate sensory bin

Sensory bins are always a hit with toddlers and preschoolers. Why not create a special pirate themed version. If you want to make our version you can find the full instructions here.

Make sand and/or water using colored rice or sand. Add in some pirate themed toys or bury items so they can “dig” for buried treasure using a slotted spoon.

pirate sensory bin for toddlers & preschoolers on a table

5 – Read a pirate themed book

Reading a pirate themed book can help the scene for kids. You can grab one with a favorite character having a pirate adventure. Or choose one about actual pirates. Here a few great options for young kids:

6 – Make your own treasure map

Have kids hide “treasure” somewhere in the house, classroom, or yard. Then have them draw a map that will lead someone to the treasure. Once it’s done have another pirate hunt for your buried treasure!

They can even make their own treasure box for others to find.

7 – Make your own treasure box

What a pirate celebration without a pirate craft or two?! Use an old kleenex box to create your own treasure box.

You can cover the outside with white or colored paper or just allow kids to add enough fun decorations that you can’t see much of the box anymore.

Hide plastic coins, chocolate coins, or other small prizes for them to find and stash in their treasure box.

If you want to use something somewhat premade buy a set of treasure boxes that just need to have some decorations added.

8 – Snacks, pirates booty, goldfish

No kids pirate celebration is complete without some themed snacks! You can keep it simple and have goldfish, pirates booty, or a gummy shark.

There are also cute ideas like this orange slice boat on a sea of blue jello.

9 – Make an origami boat and float it

Making your own boat can be a fun activity. Kids may need extra help depending on their age so you may need extra hands if you’re doing it with a class.

They can make simple paper boats or attach a pirate flag to a tooth pick and add it to your ship for an extra piratey touch!

10 – Pirate themed printable activities

Lastly, try a few printable pirate activities. If you didn’t already grab the set up above grab it now. It includes:

  • Pirate hat template
  • Maze
  • I Spy
  • Pirate name finder
  • Design your own pirate flag
  • 3 Pirate themed coloring pages

Printables are for personal use only. All printables on Tot School Resources website are the property of totschoolresources.com and may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away for free on your own website.

We hope you enjoy these pirate activity ideas for kids! Check out our activities page for more fun.

Pirate Ideas for Kids

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