20 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers {Free Printable}

Fun things to do with your toddler or preschooler

Summer is upon us. Warm weather means getting outside, having fun with water, and looking for easy screen-free activities to do with your toddler. Entertaining a toddler when it’s hot outside can be tough but here are 20 easy indoor and outdoor ideas to try with your kids this summer.

I’ve even included a FREE printable bucket list. One full of these 20 ideas and a blank one in case you want to make one that’s totally your own. Your toddler or preschooler will love checking them off as you go!

toddler summer bucket list

Fun things to do near you

1 – Go to the park – Get out and go to the park. This is all my toddler wants to do this summer. She loves the slides and the swings and meeting new friends.

Be sure to bring your outdoor blanket in case of wet grass! I go regretted not having one my first summer with kids.

2 – Visit the library – The library is a great place to take kids. Check out some books and check out their calendar of events. They often have a weekly story or craft time and special summer activities as well.

3 – Go to the beach/lake – Summer is the perfect time for a trip to the beach or the lake. Just make sure to wear your sunscreen and slather your kids with it too!

toddler nature walk
Image by Luis Navas from Pixabay

4 – Take a nature walk – Enjoy the weather by taking a walk outside (fairy wings optional). This can be a perfect time to practice colors or counting as you look at different plants and flowers outside.

If your toddler is anything like mine you’ll come home with pockets full of rocks and other treasures!

5 – Visit a carnival – One of my favorite summer memories is visiting the summer carnival every year. I can’t wait to start making the same memories with my kids. They can pet animals, get their face painted, eat some fair food, and maybe even ride some rides.

Indoor fun for when it’s too hot outside

6 – Build a blanket fort – Break out the blankets and built a blanket fort just like you did as a kid. Play just seems more fun with a fort. Plus it’s perfect for playing hide.

7 – Make s’mores – While traditionally made outside, camping with little kids can be hard. Bring summer campfires inside by making indoor s’mores in your own kitchen. You can make them part of some indoor camping or have a fun tea party (this is one of my toddlers favorite activities right now)

8 – Make a car race track – A simple piece of cardboard, hello old Amazon boxes, and a few markers and you can draw your very own racetrack! Have a race with your child or just let their imagination run wild.

toddler playing with cars

9 – Play a game – Play a game! There are so many games to choose from. Pick a toddler friendly one like memory or hungry, hungry, hippo. It’s a great activity to do as a family.

10 – Have a dance party – Get moving! Turn on the tunes and have a dance party right there in the living room. If you don’t want to turn on the radio break out some kid favorites like “Ring around the Rosie” or “London Bridge”.

Outdoor fun for toddlers

11 – Blow bubbles – I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t love blowing bubbles. Pick up a new wand or bubble gun and have some fun.

12 – Ride a bike – Summer is a great time to go for a bike ride. Try a tricycle with a parent handle or a balance bike for these little tykes.

ride a bike

13 – Go swimming – Take a dip in the pool. If you haven’t enrolled your toddler in swimming lessons yet now is a great time for them to start learning.

14 – Make mud pies – My cousins and I spent hours in the backyard making mud pies and mud tacos. Summer is the perfect time for this free entertainment as you can just hose the kids off when they’re done.

15 – Build a sand castle – Whether it’s at the beach, in the sandbox, or even with kinetic sand, summer is a great time to build a sand castle.

Summer Crafts & Activities for kids

16 – Paint with finger paint – Finger painting is fun and a great sensory activity. If you’re into non-toxic products try one of these edible finger paint recipes.

17 – Have a puppet show – Whether you buy finger puppets or your kids make their own out of paper bags a puppet show is a great activity to spark creativity and the imagination.

18 – Make a cereal necklace – A tasty activity that’s great for building fine motor skills. Hopefully, they won’t eat all the beads before the necklace gets made.

cereal necklace toddler activity

19 – Paint some rocks – There are whole Facebook groups devoted to painting rocks and hiding them for others to find! When I was little they mostly became paperweights…

20 – Make an obstacle course – This one can be done inside or outside. Do it alone or have friends over for a playdate.

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Printable Bucket List

Download your printable bucket list below. Includes a black version as well if you prefer to fill it in with your own activities.

toddler summer activities
toddler summer bucket list
toddler summer activities

Printable toddler summer bucket list

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