5 Best Preschool Graduation Poems

I used to think preschool graduation was kind of silly, but now my oldest is about to graduate and I am excited to celebrate it.

It’s a big transition for her going from the preschool she’s been at since she was 2. There will be a new school, new friends. It’s exciting to celebrate the event. And having a big celebration can help reinforce that this transition is a good and exciting thing!

preschool girl graduating

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What can you do to celebrate the event? One fun preschool graduation idea is to have a cute poem that can be printed in the preschool graduation program for parents to read.

It can also be used as a preschool graduation gift from kids to their parents. Or better yet…do both!

You can find a special printable or type up the poem and let kids decorate a background for the poem.

Here are five of the best preschool graduation poems.

1. My Handprint

My favorite is this one called “the handprint”, author unknown.

Simply print out one for each child then have them add their own handprint like the one pictured.

It comes with 12 variations, there are horizontal and vertical options and various spaces at the bottom to add information, or not.

I also have versions with pink hands and blue hands only that I usually gear towards Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but they could be used for a preschool graduation gift too!

Visit my Etsy shop to see the other versions.

preschool graduation poem on colored background

Here are some other cute options. I’ve linked to where you can find them when I can, although sometimes it seems impossible to track them down so you may have to recreate it on your own.

2. I’m Graduating

I'm graduating poem

This one is cute and simple. It’s from a shop on teachers pay teachers. It could also be a cute little chant for the kids to say together since it only has three versus.

3. We must say goodbye

we must say goodbye poem

This cute poem is written by Jean Warren, I couldn’t find a source of this poem other than Pinterest unfortunately. It’s sung to the tune of row, row, row your boat and celebrates all they’ve done and that they’ll be going to kindergarten next year!

4. I’m a Little Graduate

I'm a little graduate poem

I’m a little graduate is a short and sweet song. It talks about everything they’ve learned at that they’re now off to “big kids school”. You sing it to the tune of “I’m a little teapot” which should make it fun and recognizable.

It seems to originally come from topteacher.com/au.

5. A,B,C Farewell

abc farewell poem

This is another cute poem that would be great to type up in the graduation program.

I’ve seen several different versions of this with different grades listed on the Z line, but I could not find one that said kindergarten there. Just change “first grade” to kindergarten if you’re using it for preschool.

This one says it was made by kinderalphabet.com but I couldn’t find a link to an actual download sadly.

If you don’t like any of these you can also try writing your own. Many are variations on common rhyming songs so if you’re creative you may be able to come up with something that’s entirely your own.

Congrats to all your preschool graduates!

preschooler in cap and gown holding sign

Thanks for sharing!

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