Easy Gumball Machine Craft {Perfect Letter G Activity}

Kids love gumball machines. Grab out free template so they can make their own colorful gumball machine craft. It’s a great craft just for a quick activity or to go along with letter g learning.

This craft uses pom poms to create colorful gumballs so it’s easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to complete with just a little supervision.

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This craft is so easy and fun! You may already have some craft pom poms on hand and it’s a great way to use them up. If not you can get some at your local craft store or order them online.

Once you have the supplies all you need is something to hold the glue and your child will be ready to craft!


  • Gumball machine craft template (download below)
  • Colored craft pom poms
  • Glue
  • Crayons or markers (we like to use red)

I recommend using liquid school glue rather than a glue stick. A regular glue stick probably won’t be strong enough to hold the pom poms.

gumball machine craft supplies on table

Make sure you supervise younger children when doing this craft as craft pom poms can be a choking hazard.


1 – Print out one gumball machine page for each child. (Download free printable below.)

2 – Color the bottom portion of the machine. (It will be easier to color it before you start gluing on pom poms.)

3 – Pour some glue out onto a flat surface (I usually use a spare piece of cardboard or a paper plate.)

child making gumball machine craft

4 – Dip a craft pom pom into the glue and then stick it onto one of the gumball circles in the gumball machine.

5 – Repeat until all the circles are filled with “gumballs”. Keep on a flat surface until dry so the pom poms don’t slide off.

completed gumball machine craft

My daughter decided she needed to fill the entire machine, in order to use all the pom poms I gave her. So she drew her own little circles then glued the pom poms inside. Kids always seem to find their own unique spin on things :).

Learning Opportunities

Color Recognition

Your child will probably use lots of different colored pom poms as “gumballs”. Talk about the different colors they are using or ask them to point to a red gumball, yellow gumball, etc.

Learning is always more fun when you make it a game or part of crafting.

Fine Motor Skills

Many crafts are great for developing fine motor skills. For this craft they have to grasp the pom pom, dip it into the glue, then place it within a circle on the paper.

This may seem like a super easy rhythm to us but it can be challenging for kids and will help build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Gumball Machine Craft Template

Grab this one page craft template to make your gumball machine. It prints on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. You can print it on cardstock if you want it to be a bit sturdier but regular paper will work fine for this one. Download the PDF below.

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I hope you enjoy this easy gumball machine craft! Check out our crafts page for more fun ideas.

gumball machine craft

Gumball Machine Craft for Preschoolers

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