Easy Shadow Puppet Craft {Upcycling Craft}

Grab some old Pringle cans and get ready to upcycle them into a cute shadow puppet craft!

I always love the idea of turning a used item into something new. With this fun craft kids can take old food containers and turn them into a fun craft and then put on a show!

Can’t get the containers…there are other ways to make this cute craft too.

3 cardboard tube shadow puppet crafts

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This craft is a fun way to create your own shadow puppets for a show without having to learn any complicated hand puppet positions.

Simply play with the images on a wall or put on a complete puppet show by creating various animals.

All you’ll need are your DIY shadow puppet crafts and a light source such as a flashlight.


  • Old Pringles container or similar chip canister
  • Animal shaped stickers or paper cutouts
  • Flashlight
  • Optional: Washi tape or other colorful tape.

If you can’t get a hold of the Pringles tubes you can use craft tubes or toilet rolls and saran wrap.

shadow puppet craft supplies


1 – The first step is optional but is going to make a cuter final project.

Take colored or patterned duct tape or washi tape and wrap it around the chip container you’re going to use. This won’t effect the ability to make shadow puppets with it, but it will look a lot cuter.

2 – Carefully remove the silver end of the canister. This end will become the part you shine the flashlight through.

cutting bottom off pringle tube

3 – Now flip it to the side with the plastic lid and add your stickers or shapes.

If you’re using stickers it’s easy, if you’re using paper cutouts you’ll have to use glue dots, double-sided tape, or glue to attach them to the lid. Cutouts will work best if they’re a dark color where thicker foam stickers can be any color.

If you don’t have the plastic lids you can use saran wrap or a zip lock bag. You will need to cut a small piece or wrap a small bag over the end and then secure it with a rubber band. Then add the stickers or cutouts.

animal shadow puppet craft

4 – Now, turn off the lights, point the sticker end of the tube at a wall, and shine the flashlight through the other end.

To make different shapes you can make multiple canisters or, you can just save the plastic end caps. Decorate each differently and change them out to change the shadow puppet!

shadow puppet craft being used on wall

Learning Opportunities

Imaginary Play

These easy shadow puppets are great way to spark interest in imaginary play. Kids can practice animal names and sounds. Practice telling a story. Or practice recreating a story they know by remembering the proper sequence of events.

I hope you enjoy playing with these fun shadow puppets.

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Thanks for sharing!

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