Easy Tree Craft for kids {using natural materials}

This fun tree craft combines several of our favorite things, arts & crafts and being outside.

It’s also an almost free craft activity as you will be using natural materials to create your tree art!

You can use it as simply a fun activity or as a tree study activity for preschoolers or kindergarten age kids. Don’t get me wrong, my toddler also enjoyed this tree activity but she didn’t get as much out of it as my preschool age daughter did.

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Collecting Natural Materials

The first part of making your tree craft nature art is collecting your materials. Gathering natural materials to make your tree is at least half the fun!

My girls came up with the idea of using their easter baskets which were still sitting around to collect their supplies but you can use any bag or bucket.

natural materials collected in basket

We live in a very urban area but were able to collect plenty of items just by walking a few blocks in our neighborhood.

I encouraged them to mostly pick up items that had already fallen, upcycling at it’s best. If they wanted leaves off a plant I told them they couldn’t take more than 2 from any plant.

You don’t want to strip your neighbors plants in the name of an art project after all!

While you are collecting your materials encourage your child or children to look at the trees. Notice the different parts, notice how they are alike and how they are different. Use the real trees as inspiration for their art.

My daughter noticed a tree that had purple flowers and decided to collect some of the fallen ones to add to her own tree craft.

What to gather

Your kids can gather all sorts of things but at minimum encourage them to gather sticks of various sizes/thicknesses and leaves.

They may also want to pick up small pinecones, flowers, or grass to fill out their artwork.

For more tree fun check out these seasonal trees that tie in with the book “Tap the Magic Tree”. (Craft template included.)

Making a Nature Tree

Once you have all your materials you are ready to go home and create your own tree.

I recommend using cardstock or cut a piece from a cardboard box to use as your canvas. Your natural materials may be a bit heavy so a regular piece of paper may not hold up well.

All you’ll need next is some liquid school glue, the materials you gathered, and your imagination.

Use your supplies to create a tree like the one below.

nature tree craft

Once you’ve created your tree you can add grass or other items below your tree and color in a sky and sun if desired.

tree craft with background drawn in

Learning Opportunities

Nature Study

This is a great craft to include in a tree study or just to help spark your child’s interest in nature.

Since your nature walk will be done with a purpose it’s an easy way to encourage them to study and observe the trees in their neighborhood.

Hopefully you have as much fun with this craft as we did. We can’t wait to see your creations…feel free to share them below. Everyone will get different inspiration for their tree depending on where they live so everyone’s trees will look different!

If you enjoy this nature craft check out our full list of 15 fun nature crafts to make with your kids.

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Tree study activities for preschoolers

Thanks for sharing!

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